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  • Master Huen
    Oct 14, 2003
      As Gode Cookery is leaving for Alabama on Oct. 15th to cater the Ren Faire feast and attend the Faire, I won't be able to update the PDF site on that day as scheduled.

      The site's been updated now with the new file, which is:

      Countrey Contentments, In Two Bookes, 1615 by Gervase Markham: PART 2 (size: 6.63 MB)

      The URL for October is still:


      The updated and final menu for the Alabama feast may be found at:


      Wish us luck & safe travels, please! The trip to Alabama from the Pittsburgh, PA, area is over 700 miles, and it takes us two days to make the journey. 4 of us will make the trip from here, while another will travel from Mobile, AL, to our kitchen in Florence - about a 7 hour drive.

      We shop on Thursday, cook on Friday & Saturday, and present the feast Saturday night. We're cooking for approx. 225. We'll be physically exhausted, mentally worn out, & extremely sore when it's over.

      We're really looking forward to it! :-) I think it will be a lot of fun.

      Please enjoy the PDF,


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