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2435For Sale-Department 56 Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments-$25 each-Faye tteville, PA

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  • God'sfavorite
    Dec 3, 2013
    I have 24 Department 56 Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments for sale.  In their original boxes with the tags still attached.  The majority are in the Department 56 boxes, but there are a couple that are in the box of the store where they were purchased.  This is a collection of a woman who had an entire Christmas room in her home.  They weren't hung on a tree or handled, so the paint is vibrant without fading or wear.  I have photos of all of them, but can only load a couple on this site.  If you would like to see a photo, just ask, or you can check them out on the Department 56 website.  They are $25 each.  You can pick them up in Fayetteville, or I can ship them to you at your expense.   I have-
    Teddy Bear 6"
    Santa on a snowmobile 5"
    Snowman with Wreath 5.5"
    Santa 6.5"
    Snowman Head 4.5"
    White Santa 8.5"
    Santa 6"
    Snowman with Lantern 6"
    Zeplin 5"
    Snowman Head 4.5"
    Gingerbread Man 8.5"
    Angel 8"
    Soldier 8"
    Santa in a Stocking 7"
    Steele Church 7"
    Santa Going Down the Chimney 7.5"
    Pick Up Truck 6"
    Totem Santa 12"
    Icicle Snowman 12"
    Icicle Santa 12"
    Santa in a Chair 6.5"
    Crescent Santa 11"
    Victorian Santa 6.5"
                                         These make an excellent Christmas gift for everyone on your list.  240-446-2662
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