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For Sale-Sliding Glass/French door screens BNIB-$85-Greencastle, PA

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        I have two magnetic screens meant for sliding glass or french doors.  These doors mount to the doorjam and are extended to cover the door opening.  If you have french doors, you mount one to each side and meet them in the center.  If you have a sliding glass door, you only need one.  These were bought 4-5 years ago, but since my guy has never gotten around to mounting them to the door, they need to go.  I am tired of them taking up room in my storage shed.  Brand new in the box.  $85 each (They retail for $175) or $150 for the pair.  Cash payment on pick up in Greencastle.  I am out and about in neighboring towns rather frequently, so I may be able to deliver them if I am coming your way.  They are as tall as the door, so you need a vehicle that is long enough to contain them.
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