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Recipe of The Week Feb 8, 2014

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    WeÆre back. And now to resume our annoying recipe of the week. Each month (well most months anyway) this year IÆll be presenting a selection of recipes
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      We’re back.
      And now to resume our annoying recipe of the week. Each month (well
      most months anyway) this year I’ll be presenting a selection of recipes
      from either a single source or several sources within the same general
      time and place, designed as suggestions towards building a dinner in the
      format of appetizer, main dish with sides and a dessert (or two). My
      cunning plan, and it just might include turnips now and then, is to
      construct persona-centric meals and use them to gently introduce period
      dishes to the unwary weird-food-phobic populace. I have often spoken of
      a t-tunic of food,( you know, the basics of new world vs old world foods
      and please no potato salad at the pot-luck) and this project will be a
      step or two above that concept. Sharing, at least the starting points
      of these dinners, here with you helps keep me on track and hopefully
      will inspire discussion and experimentation.
      We will be starting with some recipes out of the Cookbook of Sabina
      Welserin (1553 Germany) Our primary translation is the work of Valoise
      Armstrong and available on-line. For this first dish I also have an
      alternate translation by Lady Beatrix zum Dunklenturmof I believe the
      West Kingdom. (I plucked this off the internet some time ago and have
      no recall of where it came from.)

      193 How to make chicken dumplings
      Take the meat from two chickens. After it is cooked chop it finely, mix
      grated Parmesan cheese in with it and color it yellow and stir it
      together. You should also put mace and pepper into it. After that
      prepare a dough. Make a thin flat cake and put the above described
      filling on it and form it into a dumpling and join the two ends
      together. Cook it in broth as long as for hard-boiled eggs and serve it

      My Translation: Lady Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
      How you shall make coney crullers
      Take the breasts(bret) from two hens, whom is boiled, chop it fine, take
      a Parmesan cheese grated combine and egg yolks gilbts/eigelb) and stir
      mixing up / little salt(solt) also mace(múscatblie) and pepper(pfeffer)
      _ (dareinthon), make after that a dough / make thin(tinnen)
      sheets(blatz/blatt) and _ (thiet) the above described filling on it and
      form it closed into a cruller and conduct the two points (zipffel/pfeil)
      together / boil in a broth like hard boiled egg and serve hot.
      Trans notes: This recipe has been previously translated by Valoise
      Armstrong in 1998. I differed in my translation in two major respects.
      The first was her translation of the word ”gilbts‘ was to —make yellow“
      the filling. . Other cooks have interepreted this to mean add saffron,
      or some other type of coloring. I felt that translating it as —egg yolk“
      would make more sense. The modern word for egg yolk is eigelb (yellow
      egg). I feel this is a valid interpretation, as the yolk would make the
      filling a little yellow, as well as give it a softer consistancy. My
      second difference is that in her translation, she doesn‘t mention salt
      at all. Since the word ”solt‘ appears with the mace and pepper, I
      deduced that salt was indeed added to the filling.

      And another chicken dish from the Armstrong Translation.

      97 If you would make chicken buns
      Then take the meat from hens and let it cook beforehand, after that chop
      it small and put grated a Semmel thereon and eggs thereon, until you
      think that it is a good thick dough. Afterwards make fine round little
      balls and let them fry very slowly and roast them.

      Good Cooking
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