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AnTir Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration

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  • Renart
    Greetings unto the list! How many of you are planning (have your reservations made) for AnTir s Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration ? ***The October deadline
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      Greetings unto the list!

      How many of you are planning (have your reservations made) for AnTir's
      Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration ?

      ***The October deadline is fast approaching!***

      Have you ever wanted to experience what it might have been like to be a
      member of the nobility in the Middle Ages? You'll have that chance the
      weekend of November 1-3, at the An Tir Kingdom Feast, hosted by the
      Kingdom of An Tir! An event like this will not soon come again to our
      fair shores. An all too rare combination of culinary mastery combined
      with the marvelous diversity of our kingdom's Bardic talents will help
      ring in the winter in fine style. Your senses will be teased into
      directions only previously imagined; Medieval delicacies will tantalize
      your taste buds; a gathering of bards will entertain, enthrall, and
      educate you with their ancient crafts. Witness the Braggers Duel and
      cheer on your champions to ever more ridiculous heights. Come ye
      gentles all to a celebration of the palette and the heart this

      The actual feast will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Ocean
      Shores Convention Center, 120 West Chance a-la-Mer, Ocean Shores, WA
      98569. The day will focus on foods from different areas and different
      sections of time throughout the Medieval period. Bardic performances
      shall happen all over the facility throughout the weekend. We will have
      various games available, and invite others to bring their games/game
      boards to display, play, and instruct others how to play. Classes
      covering the culinary and bardic arts are also a possibility. No
      meetings or court are planned at this time. You don't even need to pack
      feast gear; all you need to bring is your own cup!

      The Feast - "Spanning Europe through the Middle Ages"
      8 AM - 10 AM (8th to 9th centuries) Anglo-Saxon
      10 AM - 12 PM (10th - 11th centuries) Northern Europe
      12 PM - 2 PM (12th - 13th centuries) Mediterranean
      2 PM - 5 PM (14th century) Western Europe
      5 PM - 7 PM (15th century) Renaissance
      7 PM (Dessert Course): An assortment of 2 bite desserts spanning across
      the ages and lands of medieval Europe.

      *Attendance for this event is pre-registration only, so that we may
      know how many mouths to feed.* Pre-registration is through ACCEPS at
      http://acceps.ansteorra.org/regit/kingdom_event_display.php?kid=9. For
      our Canadian friends, or those without credit/debit cards, please make
      your checks, money orders, etc. payable to "SCA, Inc." in US funds, and
      send them to: M. Aaron Rogers; 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA
      98311. *Pre-registration ends on October 15, 2013.*

      The cost of the entire event, site fee, feast fee, entertainment and
      all, is only 25$! The $5 Non-Member Surcharge applies.

      Event Steward: HL Renart le fox de Berwyk (Randy Wagner) -
      renart@...; 360-434-7414

      Two hotels in Ocean Shores are currently offering discounts for stay
      during the feast.

      The Shilo Inn of Ocean Shores is offering a fine discount. Their
      address and phone: 707 Ocean Shores Blvd NW·Ocean Shores, WA·98569,
      (360) 289-4600. Please mention that you are with the Society for
      Creative Anachronism to obtain the discounted rooms.

      The Quality Inn Ocean Shores is also very close to the Convention
      Center and is offering another nice discount. Their address and phone:
      773 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW . Ocean Shores, WA 98569, (360) 289-2040.
      Mention that you are with the SCA to obtain their discount.

      For more information, please peruse the An Tir Kingdom Feast website at

      There is also a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/
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