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Recipe of the Week Sept 12th

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    To continues with our gourd recipesà. Of the species involved in these recipes David Friedman (Cariadoc) provides this suggestion in a foot note to Charles
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      To continues with our gourd recipes….

      Of the species involved in these recipes David Friedman (Cariadoc)
      provides this suggestion in a foot note to Charles Perry’s translation
      of the Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook

      {These are} “Not our squash or pumpkins, which are from the new world.
      The gourd mentioned in period recipes may be Lagenaria sicereia, the
      white blossomed gourd. Some of the edible gourds used in Chinese cooking
      and sometimes available in Chinese grocery stores are Lagenaria. I have
      heard that the Italian Edible Gourd is a Lagenaria; seeds are available
      from some nurseries. We usually use squash as the closest alternative
      readily available.”

      Most of the dishes using gourds in this manuscript cook it in a stew
      with seasoned meat (usually mutton) along with other vegetables such as
      listed in this “Information About Baqliyyat (Vegetable Dishes) and
      Mukhaddarat (Greened Dishes)

      All dishes which one cooks with meat, saffron, vinegar, garden produce,
      such as turnips, eggplants, gourds, carrots, or heads of lettuce without
      their leaves, are called muthallath.”
      Other recipes offer gourd as a substitution for eggplant. Below is one
      of these stews.

      Qar'iyya, a Dish of Gourd
      Know that a condition of the dish known as qar'iyya is that for meat it
      should have fresh, fat, tender mutton, newly killed. Immediately after
      slaughter, while still twitching, cut it into pieces and put it in the
      pot with salt, a little onion juice, pepper, coriander seed, thyme and a
      lot of oil. Put it on a moderate fire, and when the meat is done, put in
      a sufficient amount of young, tender gourd, cut into big pieces. When it
      is done and has finished cooking, throw in cilantro juice. Put it on the
      hearthstone a little while and use it. This gourd dish is a feminine one
      according to cooks' doctrine [see "How the Service of Dishes is Ordered,
      and Which is Fitting to be First, and Which Last" above].

      Good Cooking
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