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Re: [Antir_culinary] Re: West Coast Culinary Symposium 2014

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  • The Henson's
    Well Crap on a cracker. But thanks for the heads up. RzP
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 17, 2013
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      Well Crap on a cracker. But thanks for the heads up.


      On 7/17/2013 7:21 AM, David Walddon wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I have some news that is not going to be received well.
      > I wanted to let you know that the Kingdom of AnTir Calendar is not in
      > sync with the actual events and the Kingdom Arts and Sciences event is
      > the same weekend as the West COast Culinary Symposium. This is
      > incredibly disappointing since we checked out the dates well in advance
      > to avoid this mis-hap. I would encourage all who do not have commitments
      > to the Arts and Sciences event to PLEASE attend the West Coast Culinary
      > Symposium. I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend as I will be
      > turning over the Champions cloak that weekend.
      > Eduardo
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      > *David Walddon*
      > david@... <mailto:david@...>
      > www.vastrepast.net <http://www.vastrepast.net>
      > 360-402-6135 Cell
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