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Re: [Antir_culinary] hunting for cucumber recipe

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  • Johnna Holloway
    There s one in the Florilegium that uses yogurt. http://www.florilegium.org/?http%3A//www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-VEGETABLES/idxfood-veg.html Johnnae
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 13, 2013
      There's one in the Florilegium that uses yogurt.


      On Apr 13, 2013, at 7:55 AM, FV/Rafaella wrote:


      Greetings all,

      When I first started doing historical cooking in the late 80s, I made a cucumber dish for my college group's feast that was thin sliced cucumbers soaked overnight in red wine vinegar, drained, and then made into a salad with spices and sour cream. The pink color was important, I may be misremembering the sour cream.

      It could just be that my memory of this recipe's historicalness is pure imagination, but I'm just sure I got it from a book in our college library. "Period cookbooks" at the time that I knew about consisted of Fabulous Feasts and To the King's Taste. (I still have both my copies from this timeperiod).

      Anywho, I thought I'd ping the experts here and see if something like this sounds familiar to someone.

      Thanks in advance,
      Rafaella d'Allemtejo

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