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Re: [Antir_culinary] Baby steps towards total historical immersion event (like PPF) in AnTir

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  • Kathy Grassley
    I am VERY interested in this project. I am a noob in SCA and have chosen a German (Bavarian) persona. My intention is to do as total immersion in my persona
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      I am VERY interested in this project. I am a "noob" in SCA and have chosen a German (Bavarian) persona. My intention is to do as total immersion in my persona as possible and am presently looking for anything at all about the "life & times" of early 16th Century Bavarian gentry ... women's lives particularly.
      I am in Beaverton (Dragon's Mist), OR. I am on Social Security so $$ is an issue so I am trying to do it "on the cheap" while being as accurate to period as possible. I can't travel very far very often and, as I'd probably be sleeping in my van or a tent, it would be best if the weather were a bit warmer than now. ;)
      My daughter-in-law and I are trying to start a costume business and I will be concentrating my part on historically correct garb if that is of any consequence to the project. I have done wood carving, bronze casting, oil painting, sculpting as well as the usual domestic arts so I have a very versatile skill set to pull from when it comes to helping with the project.
      My SCA name (pending) is Ayla Tröstalltin.
      If I can be of any help let me know (& if you have info you think will help me flesh out my persona don't be afraid to pass that along too.
      In service,
      Kathy Grassley aka Ayla Tröstalltin

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      Subject: [Antir_culinary] Baby steps towards total historical immersion event (like PPF) in AnTir
            What's PPF, you ask? It's short of Perfectly Period Feast, where everything visible in the hall including the plates, cutlery, glassware, linens, and even  proper servers (butlers, panters, carvers, etc.) are all appropriate to the time and place chosen.
            We are slowly, year by year moving closer to this in An Tir, with an event in the Barony of Dragon's Mist, Carnevale di Venezia, which is now in it's 4th year. So far, documentable forks and spoons have been found, that were cast from extant originals from the appropriate time and place, and plates have been painted based on Italian examples from the late 1500's.
          We are starting slowly, and first working on equiping the head table with everything appropriate to that time and place, and eventually hope to add all of the appropriate servers, who will all be dressed appropriately. We would eventually like to add a German Renaissance event that builds in the same way, although the details are still very, very tentative.
      What we are hoping for is that if others are interested in either Italian, or German late period culture and food join us and work on producing material goods that they can keep, and bring to help add to the atmosphere (by using them). As we build on this we are hoping to come up with new ways to help spread the knowledge, joy, and cost among as many people as possible. :) If you have a persona that this would be appropriate for and would like to own a feasting set that is historically accurate, and potentially personalized we can not only help build toward (eventually) being able to outfit an entire feast, and spreading historically accuracy in a fun and affordable way across the kingdom.  
      You can contact me, Raffaella, if you might be interested in attending or hosting a work party for pottery, pewter casting (currently looking for someone with experience using Room Temperature Volcanized Rubber molds) woodworking, knowledge about German Renaissance serving and dining rules and etiquete. I live in Blatha An Oir (Tacoma, WA), but I am more than happy to travel on the weekends to help make this happen.
      In joyous service,
      Signora Onorata Raffaella di Contino
      Courtier of Blatha An Oir
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