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reminder Culinary Night next Wednesday October 5th

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  • Raphaella DiContini
    Greetings,      I ve been asked to put out a can for contributions towards supplies for culinary guild, but I don t want anyone to feel like they can t
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           I've been asked to put out a can for contributions towards supplies for culinary guild, but I don't want anyone to feel like they can't participate if they are unable to pitch in. If you're interested please come regardless. I also have some massive zucchini that's free to a good home. :)

       I have narrowed it down to 3 recipes, Mushrooms which will go pretty quickly, garlic torta will be a little bit longer and more complex, and marvelous good walnut bread which will take the longest (and need to be started first), but a good portion of that will be the 45 minutes for it to rise.The original transcription and English translation of each recipe is listed below. 

      We'll start gathering at 6 and be cooking by 6:30-7:00 and hopefully wrap up by 9. We should get a chance to eat what we cook, but it will likely be late (and more a snack than a full  dinner) so please plan to eat something before. I'm also open to doing cooking projects/ classes other days and times as well, just let me know if you are interested.
      As always, I'm delighted to take requests so let me know if there is a specific time/ place that you'd like to know about, just intro to historical cooking or would just like to come over and fondle my library.
      Our house is child friendly, but still not 100% child-proof but we do have lots of toys and a big screen with child appropriate shows for 0-10 yr olds.
      My address is
      1928 Martin Luther King Jr. Way,
      Tacoma, WA 98405
      cell phone (206)679-3654
      In joyous service,

      XXV.    Fongi.
      Se tu voy fare fongi, toli li fongi sechi e metelli a molle in aqua calda e lavaly ben, poy li lesse e poy fali boni como tu voy e conzali; poy toy cepole et herbe e conza cum specie dolze e forte; e poy meti li funzi entro e frizi ogni cossa insieme, e toy mandole non monde e maxenale, e poy mettelli suso i fongi; altri li meti agresta e vole essere caldi.
      XXV Mushrooms
      If you want to make mushrooms, take dried mushrooms and put them to soak in hot water and wash them well.  Then boil them a little and make them cook how you want and prefer.  Then take onions and herbs and season with strong and sweet spices, and then add the mushrooms and fry everything together.  Take unpeeled almonds and grind them and then put on top of the mushroom dish, alternatively you can add verjuice and it needs to be served hot.

      CV. Torta d’ agli, etc.
      Toy li agli e mondali e lessali; quando sono cocti metili a moglio in aqua freda e poy pistali e metili zafarano e formazo assay che sia fresco e lardo batuto e specie dolze e forte e distempera con ova e mitili ova passa e poy fay la torta.
      CV.  Tart of garlic, etc.
      Take the garlic and peel and boil; when they are enough cooked put to soak in cold water then pound and put saffron and cheese enough that is fresh and beaten lard and spices sweet and strong and temper with eggs and put in currants and then make the tart.

      LVIII.   Pane de noxe maravigliosso e bone.
      Se tu voy fare pan de noce, toy le noce e mondalle e pestale, e toy de herbe bone e un poco de cevola gratà e specie dolze e forte e uno pocho de zucharo, e miti in lo mortaro con le noxe e fa pastume. Poy toy fior de farina e fane un folglio a modo de lasagne grande e largo e sotile, e miti questo batuto suso, e muolzilo tuto insembre e falo a modo de uno pane, e poy lo caricha ch’ el vengna sotille a modo de una fugaza;
      metilo a choxere in lo forno, e quando l’ è cocto, trailo fuora e laselo afredare.
      LVIII Marvelous and good walnut bread
      If you want to make a bread of walnuts.  Take walnuts and peel and grind them, and take good herbs, a little grated onion, sweet and strong spices and a little sugar.  Put these in a mortar with the walnuts and make a paste.  Then take wheat flour and make a sheet in the way (that one makes) lasagna, large and wide and thin.  Put this (nut) paste within and knead all this together in the same way that one makes bread.  Take the dough, when it has become soft like a cake, and put it to cook in the oven, and when it is cooked pull it out and let it cool.

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