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July Coronation A&S gatherings, Apprentice/ Artisan meeting?, Laurel meet & greet?

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  • Raphaella DiContini
    Greetings,              Could someone please forward this message to the Laurel s list as well? We ll need to coordinate with them if we d like
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2011
                   Could someone please forward this message to the Laurel's list as
      well? We'll need to coordinate with them if we'd like to coordinate displays
      with a Laurel meet & greet.  
                   I've just recieved a lovely missive from the Autocrats of July
      Coronation wanting to firm up their schedule. We've got enough interest to move
      forward, now we just need to know what times will/ will not work for the most of
      you. I will see if we can possibly get space in the Kingdom A&S pavilion or if
      one of the Kingdom Guilds might let us use their shelter for this. You will
      likely need to bring a table if you would like to display and seating if you
      would like to sit.

                    In the past there has been a meet & greet &/or an A&S "beer
      garden", there was a request to instead do an A&S mimosa soiree, dependant on
      potential site restrictions and interest. If we want to keep it more
      historically accurate, perhaps we could foster a wine/mead/beer/cyser tasting/
      brewing and Culinary display as well?  Please let me know your thoughts and I
      will send out a message once we have confirmed yea or nay from the Autocrat
      team. We can absolutely have the meet and greet, but it's not yet certain
      whether we will have an option for libations.

                    Naturally we'll need to not conflict with the Laurel's meeting,
      and I've been asked to run the Costumer's Guild contest again which will run 1-4
      on Saturday Afternoon. With the holiday weekend I ask that you please let me
      know your preference by noon next Tuesday at the latest.

      In joyous service,
      Raffaella di Contino
      Courtier to their Excellencies
      Rosamund and Hauk of Aquaterra
      Apprentice to Millusine d'Argent & Isolde de la Vielle-a-Roue
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