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Culinary Guild night Wednesday April 6 in Tacoma- Lenten dishes

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  • Raphaella DiContini
    Greetings,      We re planning Culinary Guild night for April and since we re in lent I thought it might be nice to explore some lenten dishes. For those
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2011
           We're planning Culinary Guild night for April and since we're in lent I thought it might be nice to explore some lenten dishes.
      For those not familiar with Lent it's a historical practice of observed fasting, contemplation and penance that has evolved over the centuries. Originally those of the faith requiring observance of lent were expected to give up all meat, dairy and animal products like eggs, and in some cases even honey. Exceptions were given for the extremely young, old, pregnant and infirm, and the restrictions changed and in some ways loosened over time. It's very common to see lenten alternates given in historical cookery books as the authors understood the importance of observance to their audience. Depending on your persona, this is something that may have been part of your life, and the life of many of those around you, and as a result I know many people who either observe Lent according to the modern rules, or as their personas would have, as experiemental living archeology.  
      I haven't settled on the final recipes yet but we'll likely either be doing something completely vegitarian/ vegan &/ or a fish dish. Unless I get any specific requests I'll most likely be taking recipes from my favorite source: http://www.medievalcookery.com/helewyse/libro.html#V
      Here's some information on the hisory and current practice of Lent:
      Please note that I, the culinary guild, and the barony in no way intend or promote this as a religious event. These practices were common and effected a good percentage of the population in the time and places we study in the Society, and as a result I thought it might be a good teaching point as a way to try to eat, and think as someone may have in pre-1600's Europe.
      As always my home is child friendly, but not completely child proof. There will be a 6 month old and a 10 year old here (for those with children of that age, or who have an alergy to children) and there are always toys and child-appropriate entertainments available, but not child sitting.
      I will also be planning my potluck contribution for the upcoming Culinary Symposium April 15-17th in Enumclaw http://slumberland.org/culinary_symposium/index.html
      In joyous service,

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