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685Recipe of the Week, Nov 1st, 2012

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  • The Henson's
    Nov 1, 2012
      Why did the mushroom always get invited to the party? Because he was
      such a fungi!

      Okay, bad jokes aside the mushroom has a long history in gastronomy.
      Over 120,000 species of mushroom or fungi have been identified around
      the world. Of these only a little over 1800 are considered safe to eat
      and over 300 are now cultivated. Already in classical times several
      varieties of ‘shrooms were being cultivated, but some continue to resist
      efforts of domestication and can still only be gathered wild.

      Let’s start with some simple preparations for mushrooms. The following
      recipes can be interpreted as marinated mushrooms and made well ahead of
      serving time. We’ll start with a pair from the Roman text de re
      coquinaria as translated by Joseph Dommers Vehling in Apicius: Cookery
      and dining in imperial Rome (1936) Reprinted by Dover

      310 for Morels in Fungis farneis
      Pepper reduced wine, vinegar and oil.

      311 Another way of cooking morels aliter fungi farni
      In salt water , with oil, pure wine, and serve with chopped coriander.

      And follow up with a recipe from the other end of our time spectrum with
      To dress mushrooms in the Italian Fashion The Accomplisht Cook, Robert
      May, 1685

      Take mushrooms, peel & wash then, and boil them in a skillet with water
      and salt, but first let the liquor boil with sweet herbs, Parsley, and a
      crust of bread, being boil’d. drain them from the water, and fry them in
      sweet sallet oil; being fried serve them in a dish with oil, vinegar,
      pepper, and fried parsley, or fry them in clarified butter.

      Good Cooking
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