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Brazil’s shame: World’s biggest chinchilla killer fo r the fur trade (letter)

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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2011
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      Send Sample Letter – source: WEEAC - World Event to End Animal Cruelty Visit their site for more info

      Email the following Sample Letter to (Mrs. Rebecca Garcia & Mr. Tripoli)

      To Mrs. Rebecca Garcia, appointed by the brazilian Congress to evaluate PL-05956/2009Email Link, choose from Selection (Rebecca Garcia) http://www2.camara.gov.br/participe/fale-conosco/fale-com-o-deputado

      To Mr. Tripoli author of PL PL-05956/2009Email Link to Mr. Tripoli:

      Dear Madam/Sir

      It has come to my attention, that Deputy Rebecca Garcia has been appointed, by the Brazilian Congress to evaluate the Bill that was introduced, to BAN fur farming of chinchillas in Brazil. This Bill, presented in 2009 By Deputy Tripoli, if approved, will completely BAN the breeding and killing of chinchillas (Chincilla lanigera) in every state of your country.

      I am writing this letter to inform you that I, along with many citizens from Brazil, as well as millions of people around the world, expect you to take a stand Against this cruelty. By voting Against this practice and Forbidding it, by means of a federal law, that would make it Illegal for any person or group to maintain such a business, that is unacceptable to the vast majority of decent people worldwide.

      At this very moment we are in the process of collecting signatures from people all around the world. Against chinchilla Fur Farming in Brazil:


      The Brazilian Constitution, on its article 225, parágrafo 1o, inciso VII,

      clearly defines as an attribution of the Brazilian State to expressly Prohibit animal cruelty. Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to demand the BAN on such horrific cruelty, as is done in the breeding and killing of these animals.

      They are bred in small filthy cages their entire lives. Only to face a cruel and painful death, all for the sake of profit for a few, on a totally non-essential item such as “fashion”. That goes to a few rich and narrow minded customers. The following footage, made in Michigan, of United States, clearly shows the horrific methods used by breeders, such as (suffocation, breaking their necks or electrocution).


      Babies squeal as they are snatched away from their mothers by their tails and brought to a “grower room” where they are confined to a tiny cage. Mothers, try frantically to reach their babies that were just taken away.

      Killing via the electrocution method; the farmer pulls a rusty wire apparatus from a drawer, dips the sharp clamps into a jar of water, and attaches one clamp to the chinchilla’s metal ear tag and the other to her foot. He plugs the device into a wall socket and drops the chinchilla to the counter. The surge of electricity causes the chinchilla to stiffen, her tail stuck straight out, her chest heaved, and a minute later, a yellow trickle ran down the counter—as she had lost control of her bladder.

      Following this barbaric procedure, the farmer clips the chinchilla’s arms and legs to a pelting board in a spread-eagled position. Slitting her open, he cuts her face away from her skull and cuts her hands off. Working her pelt away from her body, he pulls her arms out of her skin, which turn inside out like socks. Then with a scissors, cuts off her whiskers, her ears, her tail then also the feet; all were dumped, along with her naked, skinned body, into a garbage bucket, like so much trash.

      The Brazilian people have asked for our help and support, to put an END to this brutal industry. Which we have every intention of following through until we see that it has Ended.

      So I ask, that you please consider your decision carefully. For the decision you make, will affect you directly, via the impact it will have on your personal political career. And also, will bring serious consequences _ either favorable or negative _ to Brazilian tourism, as we will not hesitate to Boycott your country, over all, and the incoming international Events on Brazil soil: Copa do Mundo and Olympic Games.

      We already have Brazil targeted for its insane position in relation to the Non-Preservation of the Amazon Forest and its commitment to deny international claims Against Belo Monte. Of which, we have a petition going on that also!

      Please do not disappoint us, as we certainly do not wish to be forced to retaliate.

      Yours sincerely,

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