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Norway's Shame!!!!!!!!!

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    Please resend letter as is – edit or write your own. To: miljovernministeren@md.dep.no ; heidi.sorensen@md.dep.no ; janne.sollie@dirnat.no Subject: Norway s
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      Please resend letter as is – edit or write your own.
      Subject: Norway's Shame!!!!!!!!!
      To :
      The Minister of environment, Erik Solheim

      Secretary, Ministry of the environment, Heidi Sørensen
      Director, Norway's Directorate of Nature Management, Janne Sollie

      Dear Madam, dear Sir,

      I am deeply shocked and dismayed about the killing of the 4 wolves.

      Norway had only 33 - 39 grey wolves left in the wild this winter.  But after the authorities gave hunters the licence to kill 8 wolves, the number of this critical endangered species is reduced by 4 wolves, so far.  Three of the wolves were killed during a couple of days, where almost hundred hunters chased the frightened animals and injured two of them seriously. 
      For one hour the wolves suffered horrible pain - one of them with a shot in his front leg, the other from a shot in her neck, which caused her to bleed through her ears, nose and mouth - until they were traced and killed.  The third wolf was cruelly killed by a shot in his back. 

      This ruthless hunt has caused a lot of anger in Norway, where the majority of the population wants a larger number of wolves then the current estimate !!!!.

      The reason for the hunt:
      Farmers claim that wolves destroy their living, hunters claim that wolves kill their dogs, and some people claim that wolves threaten their lives and their children's safety.

      The facts:
      Wolves killed 89 sheep in 2008, and 384 sheep in 2009 - out of 2 million sheep let out in the wilderness to fend for themselves.  In comparison 100.000 sheep die each summer from other reasons then wolves and other predators.

      Wolves kill approximately 8 dogs each year during the hunting season, when hunters let their dogs free in the woods, to chase down the animals they want to shoot.  In comparison 700 dogs are injured and killed by cars each year, many of these hunting dogs.

      One person was probably killed by a wolf in Norway - but that was 200 years ago.  In comparison 31 persons were killed by other people in Norway last year, and about 200 were killed by cars.

      In spite of these facts - about one fourth of the critical endangered, extremely shy wolves are mercilessly chased down and killed this winter.

      Norwegian law on the matter is not as weak as your bureaucracy chooses to interpret. It would be easy to use the precautionary principle, firmly established in Norwegian law, to overturn the current permits. Norwegian law specifies that such killing can only proceed if it does not jeopardize the viability of the species.
      Let these wolves live to contribute to the future fitness and viability of the population. As a top non-human predator, a much larger population is necessary to maintain top-down regulation of healthy boreal and subarctic ecosystems, and all of their species and ecological processes.

      Norway – a huge oil producer, as well as supporter of rainforest protections – likes to position itself as a global ecological leader.
      Yet Norway's continued barbaric wolf slaughter shows your government to be selective, naive and parochial regarding requirements for global ecological sustainability.

      Please overturn the permissions for the pending massacre.

      With grave concern,

      Chantal Buslot

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