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Fw: The Egalitarian Syndrome by Prof. Paul Eidelberg from Women in Green

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  • Yaacov Levi
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      The Egalitarian Syndrome
      Prof. Paul Eidelberg
      November 11, 2009

      Apropos of the Muslim massacre at Fort Hood and the media’s failure to
      fault Islam for this massacre, I am updating an 1999 article of mine. I
      invite readers to think about the educators of our “politically correct” or
      non-judgmental media, because the core of the problem consists not in
      cowardly or obfuscating journalists but rather the universities that
      educated them.

      We boast of these universities, even though they produce so many moral
      idiots.  I mean men and women stultified by the academic doctrine of moral
      or cultural relativism.  Because it is this doctrine that prompts
      “politically correct” fools to hire Muslims to serve on US military bases
      and even head the US Department of Homeland Security.  I am speaking of a
      doctrine that has corrupted even the President of the United States, a
      doctrine that prompts him to turn a blind eye toward Muslims or Arabs who
      call “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

      What is even more fundamental, I invite readers to think about the normless
      democracy now prevalent in the United States, a democracy whose cardinal
      principles, equality and freedom, no longer have rational and ethical
      constraints.  America is so proud of this democracy, not knowing it is
      self-destructing vis-à-vis a religion whose deity exalts death.

      This said, I turn to the article I wrote in 1999, whose philosophical source
      is my critique of the American education which appeared in the Congressional
      Record, Senate, July 31, 1968.  [See article below]


      Some 1.25 million Arabs are citizens of Israel.  Most deny Israel’s right to
      exist as a sovereign Jewish state.  These Arabs do not suffer from the
      egalitarian syndrome that dominates Israel’s Jewish elites.

              The egalitarian syndrome ­ I have elsewhere called it “demophrenia”
      ­ has not been studied by modern psychology.  This democratic syndrome
      impairs the ability to make moral judgments and to use political authority
      with a good conscience.  It makes the use of might in defense of right
      suspect in the minds of egalitarians.  Those infected by this mental
      deficiency are prone to political paralysis when confronted by threats
      requiring them to assert themselves or to use power over others.  Recall how
      the Shamir Government was incapable of using adequate force to suppress the
      intifada.  The egalitarian syndrome led to Oslo.

              Some will object by saying the Government of Israel is afraid of
      adverse world opinion.  But fear of world opinion is itself a symptom of the
      egalitarian syndrome.  When Arabs screamed “Slaughter the Jews!” they didn’t
      give a hoot for world opinion, and precisely because their immunity system
      has not been impaired by the egalitarian syndrome.

              The egalitarian syndrome stupefies the mind; it destroys moral
      outrage and honor.  This is why Israeli prime ministers released and armed
      Arab terrorists, i.e., experienced Jew-killers, to provide for Israel’s
      security!  We have here a profound mental disorder.  One wonders why
      psychiatrists haven’t flocked to Israel to study this unique phenomenon.

              Those afflicted by the egalitarian syndrome tend to disregard the
      implacable hostility of Muslims toward Israel.  This has inhibited Israeli
      governments from exercising Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. Such
      is the influence of the egalitarian syndrome that even the Likud  has
      accommodated itself to “Post-Zionism”!  One may even say that the Right has
      ceased to exist in Israel as a political force.

              To be sure, the most intractable strain of the egalitarian syndrome
      will be among left-wingers, Israel’s blind-deaf-mutes par excellence.  Their
      thoughts and attitude toward the Arab-Jewish conflict are colored by the
      Marxist notion that human conflict is rooted not in some defect of human
      nature, such as the lust for wealth or power, but rather in the penury of
      nature at large.  Nature is miserly: it does not provide enough for human

              Hence, to overcome human conflict, it is not necessary to perfect
      human nature, but to conquer external nature, that is, to overcome the
      economic scarcity and inequality that drive men and nations to war.  [Enter
      Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu.]  And of course modern science and
      technology now make the idyllic state of universal peace possible,
      beginning, of all places, in the Middle East!

              In other words, if all Arabs had indoor toilets and washing
      machines, VCRs and Volvos, PCs and Internet, that would mark the end of the
      Arab-Jewish conflict.  Or so many leftists suggest.  [I have personally
      heard the equivalent even from the lips of Netanyahu!]

      Despite their “sophistication,” these egalitarians do not and cannot take
      Islam seriously. Like Marxists, they regard ideologies as the
      “superstructure” of material forces.  Change the economic or technological
      infrastructure of the Arabs and their thoughts and attitudes about war and
      Israel will change correspondingly.   In other words, Muslims can be bought.

              The egalitarian syndrome­a consequence of moral relativism­closes
      the mind to the malevolence and violence permeating the ethos of Islam.
      This syndrome cannot be overcome by logic or even by empirical evidence.
      The West needs to overcome its relativism; it must drastically reform
      non-judgmental social sciences and humanities.  This requires nothing less
      than a political revolution: a transformation from a normless to a normative
      democracy, one whose government is not silent about evil and ready to act
      vigorously against it.

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