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Forward Energy Concert

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  • eisenbeil@aol.com
    JIM RYAN S, FORWARD ENERGY: NEW YORK EDITION Jim Ryan (reeds/poetry), J. D. Parren (ts, flutes), Dave Sewelson (bs), Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Jaribu Shahid (b),
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2000
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      Jim Ryan (reeds/poetry), J. D. Parren (ts, flutes), Dave Sewelson (bs),
      Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Jaribu Shahid (b), Andrew Barker (d)

      'Forward Energy' makes good on its name by sustaining a compelling momentum
      while tearing through the boundries commonly constraining mainstream jazz
      ensembles." Derk Richardson, East Bay Express

      Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7 @ 10pm

      The Pink Pony is located at 176 Ludlow St. New York City's East Village.
      The telephone number is 212-253-1922 and convenient public transportation is
      available : F train to second Ave or the J, M, Z to Essex.

      Forward Energy begins at 10pm. Tom Abbs band plays at 9pm. There is a
      suggested $4 cover.

      Since the mid-90s Jim Ryan has been living in Oakland, California and working
      with his group Forward Energy. He is deeply involved in the Bay area improv
      scene, at all levels. Besides leading his own band, he is involved with
      booking several venues and publishing a zine, 'OUTSIDE', devoted to the
      music. Last summer he was involved in bringing Alan Silva to the bay area,
      and performed with him in the concert held at the Luggage Store Gallery in
      San Francisco. He has two CDs out:"Forward Energy atThe Yellow Room," and

      Jim Ryan was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated from the University of
      Minnesota in philosphy. He began listening to bebop at about age 15 and took
      up the trombone but was forced to abandon it about a year later when his
      parents sent him to work in an electrode factory in North Carolina. Nearing
      his mid-30's and living in Paris, France he picked up the flute in about '68
      and shortly thereafter acquired a c-melody sax. In the early 70's he
      participated in a year-long workshop organized and led by Steve Lacy.

      Jim formed the "Free Music Formation" about this time, and played in Paris
      and other European cities. He returned to the States in 1975 and settled in
      Washington D.C. where he formed the Art Performance Group in 1979.

      Throughout October and November Jim Ryan is on tour and he comes to NYC on
      the heels of some high profile gigs in Chicago. Come on out to hear and
      support an experienced improvisor
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