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RE: [Braxton] Anthony Braxton story

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  • Franz Fuchs
    ... Well, what I have written ( carefully studying each minutiae ) sounds almost like Stanley Crouch liner notes... I can t make a substantiated comment on
    Message 1 of 6 , May 1, 2000
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      > From: shrine@...

      > > carefully studying each minutiae of the jazz styles and idioms >>
      > i have not heard blues alley but most of his other work. in the modal
      > mode, he's pretty good. but to accept the ellington or swing
      > tradition
      > as good, no. i dont think he swings well. the arrangements are so
      > simple and uninteresting. &kisor is the only musician in the Lincoln
      > Orch. that consistently displays a good solo despite the arrangements.

      Well, what I have written ("carefully studying each minutiae") sounds
      almost like Stanley Crouch liner notes...
      I can't make a substantiated comment on Marsalis' recent records,
      although it's very likely that I would agree with you arrangement-wise,
      simply because his aesthetic premises differ very much from my own.
      Normally it would be dubious to criticize someone for having a lack of
      swing, but in this case I think it's fair to take Marsalis at his own
      word, since he's so dogmatic about this amorphous quality called

      > > It's a chliché to equate musical with political conservatism,
      > i am not doing that.

      I know, I was referring to my own stance.

      > > AB once said that this kind of
      > > musical nostalgia is about giving old, tested answers to new
      > > questions)...>>
      > that i dont follow, but if it is to compare brax's work in this area
      > such parker, monk, tradition on leo, or tristano cds with wynton's in
      > the last 10 or so yrs. there's no ? who is giving the new ?s. brax is.

      Maybe Marsalis hubris reveals itself in the fact that he thinks he has
      answers in the first place? Concerning your appreciation of Braxton's
      interpretation of traditional material I can only quote Quentin
      Tarrantino: "There might be somebody somewhere that agrees with you more
      than I do, but I wouldn't count on it" :-)

      Franz Fuchs
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