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Tues (10/9), Oakland: Prop. 14 Lawsuit Hearing: Please come & support!

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    Dear Greens, [http://warisacrime.org/sites/afterdowningstreet.org/files/images/Stop%2 0Top%20Two%2006032010.jpg] Our Prop. 14 lawsuit hearing is Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2012
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      Dear Greens,
      Our Prop. 14 lawsuit hearing is Tuesday, October 9th at 9am.

      We urge you attend and pack the courtroom!  At a recent SF hearing on a case against Top Two, 45 people showed up it made a big difference in the outcome.

      A hearing on our constitutional challenge to California's "top two" elections is scheduled for October 9. This hearing is about defendant Debra Bowen's "demurrer" (objection) to the suit. Unless the court sustains the defendant's objection, there will be further hearings on the merits of our case.

      The plaintiffs encourage supporters in the Bay Area to attend this important court hearing.

      The hearing is scheduled for 9:00am on Tuesday, October 9 in Department 16 of the court, located at 1221 Oak Street in Oakland, before Judge Lawrence John Appel. If there are last minute changes in the schedule, they will be posted here as soon as we learn about them.

      Because there is always the possibility of a rescheduling, check our website


      Restore Voter Choice is the website of the plaintiffs in Rubin v. Bowen, a lawsuit to stop the use of "top two" elections in California.

      We are:

      Michael Rubin
      Steven Collett
      Marsha Feinland
      Charles L. Hooper
      Kate Tanaka
      C. T. Weber
      Cat Woods
      Green Party of Alameda County
      Libertarian Party of California
      Peace and Freedom Party of California 


      Dear all,

      The hearing has been delayed until Oct. 9, 9am, same address. Dan unfortunately
      has to go to trial in Los Angeles beginning Tuesday, and we requested a
      continuance so that he could still argue the demurrer. Of course we will let you
      know if anything else changes.

      With respect,
      Michael Siegel

      On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 9:05 AM, RubinArnol wrote:

      Our lawyers have told me that we have a new court date to hear our amended
      brief. Our first brief, which argued that Proposition 14 was unconstitutional
      on its face, was rejected by Judge Appel, but he gave us an opportunity to amend
      our brief to show specific harm. The new date is Tuesday September 25 at 9:00
      AM at 1221 Oak Street, Oakland, 3rd floor, Department 16. As always, it would
      be helpful to have friends in the courtroom. Please come if you can and invite

      Because there is always the possibility of a rescheduling, check our website

      Michael Rubin
      Lead Plaintiff
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