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1Error on my part - I correct and apologize!

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  • sofferb@yahoo.com
    Apr 8, 2001
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      There have been some problems (technical) setting up this
      announcements list and getting the Green Party email list subscribed,
      but we hope to have it up and running in the next week.

      In addition I believe I accidentally sent out a message intended for
      those being signed up to a separate discussion list when I signed
      some of you up for this list in the last few days. The County Council
      will be deciding what to do about the discussion list at tonight's
      County Council meeting. Possibly there will be a future notification
      about that list. Please ignore that message for the time being as it
      may have incorrect information about the discussion list which
      definitely is not what you were signed up for. I'm extremely sorry
      for any confusion I may have caused! Your introductory message for
      this list should have read:


      You are being subscribed to this email listserve for the Green Party
      of Alameda County as we (killerleslie's email last month) said we
      would as our new method of communicating with interested parties. We
      hope you will find it useful. If you have any questions call us at
      510 644-2293 or email to:
      AnnouncementsGPAC-owner@yahoogroups.com in the next few weeks we will
      begin using this for all official GPAC Announcements.

      Welcome to the AnnouncementsGPAC group at Yahoo! Groups, a
      free, easy-to-use email group service. Please
      take a moment to review this message.

      If you do not wish to belong to AnnouncementsGPAC, you may
      unsubscribe by sending an email to


      You may also visit the Yahoo! Groups web site to modify your



      Moderator, AnnouncementsGPAC