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Tucson, Arizona various dates

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  • Carrie Corsby
    Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ Various Dates **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this
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      Arizona Daily Star
      Tucson, AZ
      Various Dates

      **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this message.

      ADAMS, Mrs. Prof. F. Yale, diedFebruary 24, 1899, Essex, NY
      ADAMS, Norma Lee, died November30, 1984
      ADCOCK, Hazel Marie, diedNovember 30, 1984
      ALONZO, Adrian Jr., died December4, 1984
      AMES, Charles, died December 5,1984, Tucson, AZ
      BACHMAN, Gerald T. Sr., diedDecember 1, 1984
      BASHFORD, Levi, died March 29,1899, Los Angeles, CA
      BENNETT, Arthur R., died December1, 1984
      BENOIT, Edward “Frenchy” A., diedNovember 29, 1984
      BENOIT, Exzelia C., died November26, 1984
      BLAKE, John, died 1899,Hackberry, AZ
      BLASBERG, Sarah, died December 1,1984
      BOOTH, Ruth J., died December 1,1984
      BRANSTETTER, Joseph G., diedNovember 29, 1984
      BUENAMEA, Francisco V., diedDecember 4, 1984
      BURKE, Violet G., died November30, 1984
      BUSHROE, Austin R., died December2, 1984
      CALDWELL, Harry A. Jr., diedDecember 5, 1984
      CARMICHAEL, Minnie Lee, diedNovember 29, 1984
      CARRILLO, Santiago, died February14, 1899, Dos Cabezas
      CINDRICH, George, died December4, 1984
      CLARK, Clifton W., died November30, 1984
      CLAY, Mrs., died March 23, 1899
      COOPER, Isabelle E., diedDecember 1, 1984
      CRULL, William F., died December 3,1984
      DAVENPORT, James, died January30, 1899, Wickenberg, AZ
      DAVIS, Samuel H., died December3, 1984
      DAWSON, David B., died December3, 1984
      DECASTRO, Carmen H., died March12, 1899, Tucson, AZ
      DECHAINE, Mary E., died November29, 1984
      DEPPEN, David M., died November28, 1984
      DOELL, Frederick H., diedDecember 6, 1984
      DOWD, Jas., died 1899, Hackberry,AZ
      DUARTE, Hector Rivera, Jr., diedDecember 3, 1984, Nogales, AZ
      ELLISON, Gus, died December 5,1984
      FALVEY, Albert W., died February2, 1899, San Simon, AZ
      FAY, Dasha Lynn, died December 3,1984
      FESSIER, Catherine M., diedDecember 1, 1984
      FORD, Grace H., died November 28,1984
      FRANCIS, John, died February 19,1899, Tucson, AZ
      FRANKLIN, Andrew, died November30, 1984, Yuma, AZ
      GAVAGAN, Sylvester F., died December2, 1984
      GRAYSON, Cowboy, died February,1899, AZ
      GROUT, Fernando “Friday”, diedMarch 20, 1899, AZ
      GRUPE, Marian B., died December6, 1984
      GUTHRIE, S.L., died January 28,1899, Tempe, AZ
      HARRAMORE, S., died March 3,1899, Tucson, AZ
      HAYNES, Townsend, died February24, 1899, Tucson, AZ
      HENRY, Fred, died January, 1899, Bisbee,AZ
      HERNAN, John, died March, 1899,Bisbee, AZ
      HOOVER, Darrel Gene, diedDecember 1, 1984, Tucson, AZ
      HUTCHINGS, Chester W., diedNovember 30, 1984
      JARRATT, Marilyn P., died December2, 1984
      JONES, Inez (nee ZANDER), diedDecember 1, 1984
      KEITH, Virgil Ray, died December4, 1984
      KRATZMEIER, Charles, diedNovember 28, 1984
      LAND, Edward Charles, diedDecember 5, 1984
      LANE, Raymond, died December 7,1984, Sierrita mine, AZ
      LEAVITT, James, died February 2,1899, AZ
      LEWIS, Thomas Alfred, diedDecember 2, 1984
      LIONBERGER, Goldie M., diedDecember 3, 1984
      LUJAN, Guadalupe Moreno, diedDecember 5, 1984
      MALANDRONE, Alice G., diedDecember 5, 1984, Jonesboro, IL
      MASON, Ramon, died March 24, 1899,Tucson, AZ
      MCARTHUR, Thelma J., diedNovember, 1984
      MEHMEL, Minnie, died January 9,1899, Pasadena, CA
      MENDOZA, Santiago P. “El Mocho”,died December 4, 1984
      MEYER, Margaret, died November29, 1984
      MEYER, Patricia J. (nee NEIBERT),died December 6, 1984
      MING, Mrs. Dan, died February 11,1899, Los Angeles, CA
      MOLLOY, Douglas G., died December3, 1984
      MONTGOMERY, Thomas A., diedMarch, 1899, Florence, AZ
      MORENO, Loreto P., died December5, 1984
      MYERS, Chris “Sam”, died December4, 1984
      MYERS, Jerry Preston, diedDecember 2, 1984
      NELSON, Warren W., died November30, 1984
      O’MALLEY, Mark, died December 4,1984
      OLDHAM, George, died December 5,1984, Morenci, AZ
      OSTERGAARD, Jeffrey M., diedSeptember 10, 1984, Anchorage, AK
      PATTERSON, Leona M., diedNovember 30, 1984
      PEYRON, Louis V., died November30, 1984, Tucson, AZ
      PHILABAUM, Noble P., diedDecember 3, 1984
      RIKER, Adelaide E., died December2, 1984
      ROBERTS, John W., died February,1899, Nogales, AZ
      ROBERTS, Noel “Bob”, diedDecember 3, 1984, Tucson, AZ
      RUFER, Fred W., died December 3,1984
      RULE, Jeane, died March 14, 1899,Tucson, AZ
      SANCHEZ, Juanita, died 1899,Florence, AZ
      SCHNADIG, Edgar L., died November28, 1984
      SCHUERMAN, John, died January 29,1899, United Verde mine, AZ
      SMIDL, Sylvia D., died December1, 1984
      SPRINGS, Johnnie Mae, diedNovember 29, 1984
      STANLEY, Sarah, died November 28,1984
      SULLIVAN, J.M., found dead March25, 1899, AZ
      SWEET, Sam S., died December 5,1984
      TIPTON, John H., died November10, 1984
      TONKIN, Cowboy, died January,1899, AZ
      VEST, David B. Sr., died December4, 1984
      WALDO, Albert, died March 18,1899
      WELLS, Irene Henriette, diedDecember 4, 1984
      WHITE, W.S., died March 10, 1899,Phoenix, AZ
      WICKERSHAM, Robert Leroy, diedNovember 30, 1984
      WRIGHT, John M., died February,1899, Tucson, AZ
      YOCUM, Harry, died December 3,1984
      YORKE, Cecil, died March, 1899,Black Rock

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