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Tucson, Arizona Various Dates

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  • Corsby1@aol.com
    Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ Various Dates **Unless the obituary or death notice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blank in
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      Arizona Daily Star
      Tucson, AZ
      Various Dates
      **Unless the obituary or death notice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of
      death, that information is left blank in this message.
      ABRAMO, Shirley Jean, died February 3, 2000
      AGUIRRE, Juan J., died February 6, 2000
      ACEVEDO, Roman Y., died January 26, 2000, Temple, GA
      ALLEN, Virginia Cowley, died February 1, 2000
      ARMIJO, Ulysses, died January 28, 2000
      AROS, Emma, died February 3, 2000
      BAKER, Chester A., died December 13, 1999
      BATES, William Andrew, died February 4, 2000
      BELL, Doris May Hunter, died January 28, 2000
      BELL, Robert A., died January 30, 2000
      BITTERMAN, Wilmer “Bill”, died February 3, 2000
      BJORN, Kathryn “Kay or Katie” M. (nee PETTERSEN), died February 6, 2000
      BOYINGTON, Robert L., died February 3, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      BRUMBLE, Guadalupe, died February 3, 2000
      BUHLER, Eunice J. (nee BERG), died January 30, 2000
      BURNS, John “Jack” Kidney, died February 4, 2000
      BURNS, L. Joan, died February 5, 2000
      CASILLAS, Amelia Lopez, died January 27, 2000
      CATES, Mary Claire, died January 29, 2000
      CHASTAIN, Marie L., died January 29, 2000
      CLEMENSON, Jack Dean, died February 1, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      COHEN, Rose, died February 5, 2000
      CONWAY, Della I., died February 3, 2000
      COPLEN, William Henry, died February 1, 2000
      COX, John “Jack” Francis, died January 31, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      CRAYNE, John L., died January 29, 2000
      CUSACK, Raymond J., died January 29, 2000
      CZERPA, Margaret V., died February 1, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      DAVIS, Mary Doris, died February 2, 2000
      DICKENS, Virginia Alice, died January 31, 2000
      DOTZLER, Eileen R. “Aunt Mickey”, died February 1, 2000
      ELLIOTT, Lovell M., died February 4, 2000
      FEE, William, died January 30, 2000
      FIMBRES, Maria Luisa, died February 5, 2000
      FLANAGAN, Irene M., died January 27, 2000
      FOX, Frederick Samuel “Sam”, died January 31, 2000
      FRENS, Dorothea M. (nee VECK), died January 27, 2000
      FROEMEL, Jean Elizabeth, died January 29, 2000
      FUNK, Margaret M., died February 1, 2000
      GANTZ, Harry S., died January 31, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      GERBA, Peter, died January 28, 2000
      GOLDBERG, Harry, died February 3, 2000
      GONZALES, Antelma Graciela Castelan, died January 14, 2000
      GORDON, Richard Lee “Papa”, died February 3, 2000
      GRADILLAS, Arturo R., died February 1, 2000
      GRANICA, Edward E., died February 6, 2000
      GREENLAW, Harold “Hank” Elton, died December 24, 1999
      GRZESKOWIAK, Francis “Frank”, died January 31, 2000
      HOOVER, Robert O. “Bob”, died January 31, 2000
      IDASPE, Frank C., died January 29, 2000
      JEFFREY, Raymond Vincent, died February 3, 2000
      JOE, Oscar L., died February 1, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      JOHNSON, Lillie “Faye”, died January 28, 2000
      KAPRAL, Alex, died January 23, 2000
      KARRER, Philip August, died January 29, 2000
      KELLEY, Bennie R., died January 17, 2000
      KEPPEL, Marton “Marty” P., died February 3, 2000
      KILIAN, Leroy E., died February 1, 2000
      KILMER, Umbria M., died February 1, 2000
      KLEINDIENST, Richard G., died February 3, 2000, Prescott, AZ
      KUPBENS, Violet E., died January 29, 2000, Salome, AZ
      LANCE, John F., died February 1, 2000
      LANE, Berta J. Gamboa, died January 31, 2000
      LANE, James Edward, died January 31, 2000
      LAWSON, Rhea, died January 29, 2000
      LEMON, Margie Alberta (nee FULTON), died January 31, 2000
      LINDLEY, Dorothy Mae, died February 3, 2000
      LIPSEY, Dwight, died February 1, 2000
      LONG, Vivian May, died February 3, 2000
      LYON, Sister Patrick Bernard, died February 1, 2000
      MADFIS, Alfred L., died February 6, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      MASSAROTTI, Carmela, died February 1, 2000
      MATHIESON, William “Bill”, died January 30, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      MCCOY, Glessie “Fern”, died January 30, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      MEADOWS, H. LeRoy, died January 30, 2000
      MILLER, Elsie H., died January 25, 2000
      MIRANDA, Lucy T., died February 2, 2000
      MOODY, Charles, died January 26, 2000
      MORT, Timothy H., died January 29, 2000
      OLSON, Palmer W., died February 3, 2000
      OSWELL, Louisa L., died January 28, 2000
      PAAPE, James R., died January 31, 2000
      PACHECO, Mary, died February 4, 2000
      PADILLA, Frances F., died February 1, 2000
      PAPAMICHAEL, Fotini, died February 4, 2000
      PELTON, James “Jay” W., died February 5, 2000, Sahuarita, AZ
      QUINN, Helen M., died January 30, 2000
      RABAGO, Mercedes O., died February 3, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      RHINESMITH, Jeanne Lizette (nee TOWNSEND), died January 28, 2000, Denver,
      RIESGO, Rudolfo “Rudy”, died January 27, 2000
      RIGG, Claire, died February 3, 2000
      ROMERO, Ernest Sr., died January 31, 2000
      RUTLAND, Rodney Daniel, died February 1, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      RYDER, Sylvia Ann, died January 26, 2000
      SANDBERG, Elsie C., died January 27, 2000
      SCHIEFFER, Louise Dubyk, died January 15, 2000
      SCHWARTZ, Elsa M., died January 26, 2000
      SHENK, Jesus M., died January 29, 2000
      SHERIDAN, James F., died February 2, 2000
      SLAGLE, Willie D., died January 31, 2000
      SLOANE, Willie Mae, died February 2, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      SMITH, Guy A. Jr., died February 3, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      SNODGRASS, John L. “Jack”, died February 1, 2000
      STONE, Bernard, died February 1, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      TAGGART, Rose Theresa, died February 1, 2000
      TOLLE, Marguerite B., died January 29, 2000, Tucson, AZ
      TRUMAN, Alice, died January 28, 2000
      URIAS, Ernesto, died January 6, 2000
      VERGARA, Soledad Barrera, died February 5, 2000
      VERMEERSCH, Bertha E., died January 31, 2000
      VON HOERSTEN MUELLER, Emma, died December 3, 1999
      VILLANUEVA, Jose, died January 31, 2000
      WALKER, John R., died January 31, 2000
      WEISSCHADEL, David George, died January 31, 2000
      WELCH, Richard Duvall, died February 3, 2000
      WELLS, Barry, died January 30, 2000
      WEST, William Arthur, died February 4, 2000
      WILLIAMS, James Robert, died February 2, 2000
      WINTERS, Michael T., died January 31, 2000
      WRUBEL, Priscilla Helen, died January 31, 2000
      YORK, Frank, died February 1, 2000
      YOUNG-TATE, Charla Lorene, died January 10, 2000, San Diego, CA

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    • Carrie Corsby
      Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ Various Dates **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this
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        Arizona Daily Star
        Tucson, AZ
        Various Dates

        **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this message.

        ADAMS, Katherine, died July 26,1898
        ALLEN, Mark, died January, 1899,Safford, AZ
        ANDERSON, William Robert Charles,died July, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        ARMENTA, Luiz, died 1898, Tucson,AZ
        ARVALLO, Juan, died November 5,1898
        ASHTON, Harry, died June 29,1898, Prescott, AZ
        BAERS/BEERS, Louis, died January18, 1899
        BARKLEY, J.B., died November 29,1898, Mesa, AZ
        BARNES, N.H., died in Hartford
        BAUGHMAN, Frank, died July 26,1898, Tucson, AZ
        BELCHER, William, died 1898, AZ
        BEVERIDGE, C.E., died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        BIVINS, Joseph E., died December1898, Cordele, GA
        BOSTICK, Sam Jr., died July 1898
        BOURGNON, Michael, died 1898,Phoenix, AZ
        BRADY, Hugh J., died December1898, Lost Gulch, Gila County, AZ
        BRANDER, Lilian, died November,1898
        BRAWLEY, Milton, died November29, 1898, Globe, AZ
        BRICE, Calvin S., died 1898
        BROWN, Charles, died November 28,1898, Tucson, AZ
        BROWN, George K., died 1898, GilaBend, AZ
        BROWN, Joseph, died August 16,1898, Prescott, AZ
        BURRELL, Francisco, died December1898, Tucson, AZ
        CADOTTE, Charles, died November29, 1898, Globe, AZ
        CALISTA, Rosita, died September12, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        CARPENTER, Mrs. S.H., died July17, 1898, San Francisco, CA
        CASSIDAY, Harry D., died December7, 1898
        CHISOLM, Dougal, died August1898, Tucson, AZ
        CLINE, Christian, died August 24,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        COATES, James C., died 1898
        CONTRERA, Aurora, died October10, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        CONTRERES, Alphonso, died 1898,Tucson, AZ
        COTA, Maria, died September 16,1898, Tucson, AZ
        COX, Ivy H., died December 20,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        CURTIS, Frank, died August 25,1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAILY, William, died December1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAMRON, William W., died October2, 1898, Thatcher, AZ
        DANNER, Sam F., died July 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAVIS, Thomas, died September 28,1898, AZ
        DICKINSON, W.E., died July 6,1898
        DREW, Mrs. B.F., died 1898, Mesa,AZ
        EARLE, Miss, died December 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        ELLIOTT, Maggie, died August 25,1898, Lordsburg
        ELLIS, Hampton, died July 1898,Globe, AZ
        ESTRADA, Amelia Apple, diedSeptember 11, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        EURROLA, Fermin, died July 23,1898, Tucson, AZ
        FARRIER, P., died December 14,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        FELIX, Febrania, died July 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        GERVAIS, No first name given,died October 24, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        GLADDING, G.A., died January 13,1899, Tucson, AZ
        GONZALES, Pedro, died August 12,1898, Tucson, AZ
        GOODING, Ray, died August 2,1898, Winslow, AZ
        GUTIERREZ, Rafael, died August 1,1898, Tombstone, AZ
        HALSEY, Charles R., died November28, 1898
        HARDIE, Charles J., died July1898, Oracle, AZ
        HART, Frank, died January, 1899
        HATCH, Mrs. Robert, died December1898, Yuma, AZ
        HE, Sing, died July, 1898, AZ
        HEYDEN, Frank, died December 28,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        HOOKER, Frank, died December 25,1898, Clifton, AZ
        HORNE, Mrs. E.J.F., died July,1898, Los Angeles, CA
        HUPP, John, died July 27, 1898,Chico
        HUTCHISON, William, died August1898, Tucson, AZ
        JAVANDOVITCH, Gustavus, diedAugust, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        JOHNSON, C.M., died September1898, San Francisco, CA
        JOHNSON, E.W., died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        JOHNSON, James, died July 18,1898, Oakland, CA
        JONES, Horace, died November,1898, Hershaw, AZ
        KEENAN, Anna, died October 21,1898, San Francisco, CA
        KIRKLAND, William H., diedJanuary 1, 1899
        KNAPP, Charles H., died November27, 1898, Phoenix, AZ
        KNUDSON/KRUDSON, John, diedDecember 9, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        LARSON, Laborer, died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        LATCHFORD, W.T., died January1899, Seligman, AZ
        LAWLER, William, died September27, 1898
        LAYTON, Christopher, died August8, 1898, UT
        LEE, James, died September 16,1898, Mammoth, AZ
        LEE, John, died December 18,1898, Yuma, AZ
        LEE, Mary A., died October 15,1898, Tucson, AZ
        LEGGETT, Ed, died 1898
        LEON, Carmen, died November 27,1898
        LEON, Cirilo, died September 19,1898, Tucson, AZ
        LEVY, Isaac, died December 1898
        LONG, W.P., died November 10,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        LUNA, Luce, died November 11,1898
        LYONS, John, January 8, 1899,Phoenix, AZ
        LYTLE, James W., died October 30,1898, Tucson, AZ
        MAHONEY, Cathrine, died December16, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        MARQUARD, Henry, died November 5,1898, Pearce, AZ
        MARTIN, J.C., died 1898, SanFrancisco, CA
        MCCLINTOCK, James H., died 1898
        MCCORD, John L., died November20, 1898, Sacramento, CA
        MCMORROW, Burt, died September 6,1898, Casa Grande, AZ
        MEADE, W.K., died 1898, AK
        MILLER, John F. “Jack”, diedDecember 10, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        MOSS, Sam C., died August 1898
        MULLEN, John, died July 13, 1898,Wickenburg, AZ
        NAVARRO, Miguel, died July 6,1898, Tucson, AZ
        NEESLEY, Harry, died January 20,1899, Tucson, AZ
        O’NEILL, William O. “Buckey”,died 1898
        PAYKEYN, Herman, died August 26, 1898,Tucson, AZ
        PECHECO, Guadalupe, died July 20,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PECK, Louis W., died December 26,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PENDLETON, Barklay, died December1898, Globe, AZ
        PERKINS, D.B., died July 11,1898, Suisun, CA
        PHELPS, Infant daughter, diedJuly 24, 1898, Saginaw
        PLATES, Jose, died September 17,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PLUMB, F.O., died October 8,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PORTER, Jack, died December 1898,Jerome, AZ
        POWERS, Minnie, died 1898, AZ
        LUCAS, Thomas H., died January 9,1899, Prescott, AZ
        PRIEST, Mary V., died December 1,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        REED, Truman, died September 11,1898
        ROMERO, Maria, died September 16,1898, Tucson, AZ
        ROSENBERGER, Mortiz, died July23, 1898
        RYAN, James, died November 11,1898, Kingman, AZ
        SALPOINTE, Right ReverendArchbishop, died July 15, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        SHEA, Mary, died July 28, 1898
        SHEPARD, E.A., died December 12,1898
        SMITH, E.J. Sr., died 1898
        SUE, Ing, died July 22, 1898,Tucson, AZ
        SWEEDEY, John, died July, 1898
        TATTON, Mrs. Joe, died December1898, Globe, AZ
        TAYLOR, A.J., died July 31, 1898
        THOMPSON, F.B., died December 31,1898, Tucson, AZ
        TOUTIN, James, died December 30,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        TITUS, Daniel, died July 16,1898, Oakland, CA
        URQUIDES, Jesus, died November23, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        VALENCUELLA, George, diedSeptember 18, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        WALLACE, May, died November 11,1898, Pendleton, OR
        WALTERS, James, died November,1898, Nogales
        WATTS, Julia Emily (nee JUDGE),died July 8, 1898, Las Vegas, NM
        WEBB, Baby Boy, died November 27,1898, Tucson, AZ
        WELSH, Michael, died August 1898,Tombstone, AZ
        WERNER, Fred, died October 9,1898, Tucson, AZ
        WERNINGER, Irene(?), died August21, 1898, Yuma, AZ
        WHITMORE, Mrs. Dr. W.W., diedNovember 21, 1898
        WILLIAMS, John, died August 31,1898, Kingman, AZ
        WOLFLEY, H.H., died September 29,1898, Phoenix, AZ

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