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Tucson, Arizona Various Dates

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  • Corsby1@aol.com
    Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ Various Dates **Unless the obituary SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blank in this message.
    Message 1 of 71 , Nov 29, 2009
      Arizona Daily Star
      Tucson, AZ
      Various Dates
      **Unless the obituary SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that
      information is left blank in this message.
      ADAMS, Anna Lu, died April 11, 2004
      ALFARO, Gilbert G., died April 3, 2004, Phoenix, AZ
      ARANA, Louie Sr., died April 9, 2004, Glendale
      AVERAINO, Richard Lee Sr., died April 4, 2004
      BADHAM, Mary, died April 6, 2004
      BARKER, Olive, died April 8, 2004
      BARRETT, William Gene, died April 10, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      BASS, Nola F., died April 3, 2004
      BEACH, Mary E. Barschdorf, died April 4, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      BIRDMAN, Jerome M., died March 22, 2004
      BOONE, Clemmitine, died March 23, 2004
      BROWN, Arthur G. “Jerry”, died April 10, 2004
      BROWN, Eugene Ray Jr., died April 8, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      BRYANT, James, died April 8, 2004
      BURR, Martha Reed, died April 5, 2004
      CALDWELL, Virginia Lee (nee HORANEY), died March 22, 2004
      CAMACHO, Philip B. “Zeek”, died April 4, 2004
      CARPENTER, Jack, died April 5, 2004
      CARR, Evelyn A., died March 30, 2004
      CHAVEZ, Henry B., died April 4, 2004
      CLENDANIEL, Peggy, died April 6, 2004
      COPLEY, Clyde E., April 5, 2004
      CRAFT, John M., Jr., died March 27, 2004
      DAHLBERG, Henry, died April 6, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      DAUGHERTY, Ramona, died April 5, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      DAVIS, Betty J., died April 5, 2004
      DINGEE, Lauren E., died April 5, 2004
      DUCKWORTH, Thurman E., died April 5, 2004
      DUNCAN, R.B., died April 5, 2004
      DURLING, Barbara, died April 2, 2004, Oro Valley, AZ
      EBERT, Wilhelm Franz “Bill”, died April 6, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      ELIAS, Consuelo C., died April 8, 2004
      ELLIOTT, Rachel Yvonne, died November 20, 2003
      FAULKNER, Russell “Rusty” Clark IV, died April 6, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      FEINBERG, Joel, died March 29, 2004
      FELIX, Herminia A., died April 5, 2004
      FITZGERALD, Daniel M., died April 2, 2004
      FRALEY, Minis K., died April 12, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      GOMEZ, Edward A., died March 28, 2004
      GREEN, Christopher R.S., died March 28, 2004
      GRIMES, Charlotte MacKenzie, died April 10, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      HORNE, Mabel Strom, died March 22, 2004
      IBANEZ, Mildred, died April 8, 2004
      KALLINICK, Helen C., died April 7, 2004
      KANDL, Jeanette H., died April 6, 2004
      KEETON, Herbert L., died April 9, 2004
      KETCHER, Scott H., died March 25, 2004
      KINDLER, Janice Ann, died April 5, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      KOHLER, Robert C., died April 6, 2004
      KRAUSHAR, Joseph “Peter”, died April 11, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      KRISTOFL, John “Hansi”, died April 4, 2004
      LA FAUT, Daniel Jay, died March 29, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      LEON, Ernesto Solano, died April 2, 2004
      LOPEZ, Juana “Jenny”, died April 6, 2004
      MADRIL, Vernon E., died April 2, 2004
      MARTIN, Irene Elizabeth, died April 6, 2004
      MCCOLLUM, Ruby L., died April 7, 2004
      MCGOLDRICK, Lulu, died March 26, 2004
      MCMINN, Jeanne Lucille, died April 10, 2004, Globe, AZ
      MCQUEEN, Denver Lee, died April 9, 2004
      MILLER, Charlotte Sophie, died April 2, 2004
      MOORE, Frances, died April 11, 2004, MI
      MURRAY, Alan Tiffany, died April 5, 2004
      NASCIMBEN, Pauline J., died April 11, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      O’BRIEN, Patrick C., died April 5, 2004
      OLSEN, Beverly Marie, died April 3, 2004
      OSUNA, Benjamin Jr., died April 3, 2004
      PARK, Alice Janet, died April 8, 2004
      PETERSON, Martha R., died April 4, 2004
      PIZZOLANTI, Genevieve A., died April 7, 2004
      PORT, Algerd Norman, died March 27, 2004
      ROOT, Nile, died April 2, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      ROSS, Elizabeth B., died April 1, 2004
      SAINTS, Eleanor Kirkpatrick, died April 8, 2004
      SCOPELLITE, Frank J., died April 1, 2004
      SELK, Justin A., died April 12, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      SHOCKLEY, Jerry W., died April 7, 2004
      SMITH, Barton Warren, died April 5, 2004
      SMITH, Lucile E., died April 1, 2004
      SOTELO, Manuel G., died April 5, 2004
      STANTON, William Albert, died April 7, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      STIPANUK, Margie Ann Soto, died April 10, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      TODACHEENE, Lee Duane, died April 5, 2004, Iraq
      TOLIVER, Grace L., died April 2, 2004
      UGAITAFA, Feagaiga S., died April 2, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      VALENZUELA, Martin E., died April 8, 2004
      VALENZUELA, Ramon C., died April 5, 2004
      VAN VLECK, Lowell D., died April 3, 2004
      VON DER AHE, Elizabeth M. “Bette”, died April 6, 2004
      WALTERS, Lester R., died April 7, 2004
      WANSLEE, Geraldine “Geri” F., died April 3, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      WASHINGTON, Joe Louis, died April 4, 2004, Tucson, AZ
      WATSON, Orvil, died April 4, 2004
      WEARY, Marie, died April 4, 2004
      WINES, Bertha Mae W., died March 31, 2004
      WINGER, Thomas Michael II, died April 8, 2004
      WLEKLINSKI, Kevin, died March 26, 2004
      WOLFF, Paul L., died April 2, 2004

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    • Carrie Corsby
      Arizona Daily Star Tucson, AZ Various Dates **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this
      Message 71 of 71 , Aug 31, 2012
        Arizona Daily Star
        Tucson, AZ
        Various Dates

        **Unless the obituary or deathnotice SPECIFICALLY stated the place of death, that information is left blankin this message.

        ADAMS, Katherine, died July 26,1898
        ALLEN, Mark, died January, 1899,Safford, AZ
        ANDERSON, William Robert Charles,died July, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        ARMENTA, Luiz, died 1898, Tucson,AZ
        ARVALLO, Juan, died November 5,1898
        ASHTON, Harry, died June 29,1898, Prescott, AZ
        BAERS/BEERS, Louis, died January18, 1899
        BARKLEY, J.B., died November 29,1898, Mesa, AZ
        BARNES, N.H., died in Hartford
        BAUGHMAN, Frank, died July 26,1898, Tucson, AZ
        BELCHER, William, died 1898, AZ
        BEVERIDGE, C.E., died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        BIVINS, Joseph E., died December1898, Cordele, GA
        BOSTICK, Sam Jr., died July 1898
        BOURGNON, Michael, died 1898,Phoenix, AZ
        BRADY, Hugh J., died December1898, Lost Gulch, Gila County, AZ
        BRANDER, Lilian, died November,1898
        BRAWLEY, Milton, died November29, 1898, Globe, AZ
        BRICE, Calvin S., died 1898
        BROWN, Charles, died November 28,1898, Tucson, AZ
        BROWN, George K., died 1898, GilaBend, AZ
        BROWN, Joseph, died August 16,1898, Prescott, AZ
        BURRELL, Francisco, died December1898, Tucson, AZ
        CADOTTE, Charles, died November29, 1898, Globe, AZ
        CALISTA, Rosita, died September12, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        CARPENTER, Mrs. S.H., died July17, 1898, San Francisco, CA
        CASSIDAY, Harry D., died December7, 1898
        CHISOLM, Dougal, died August1898, Tucson, AZ
        CLINE, Christian, died August 24,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        COATES, James C., died 1898
        CONTRERA, Aurora, died October10, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        CONTRERES, Alphonso, died 1898,Tucson, AZ
        COTA, Maria, died September 16,1898, Tucson, AZ
        COX, Ivy H., died December 20,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        CURTIS, Frank, died August 25,1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAILY, William, died December1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAMRON, William W., died October2, 1898, Thatcher, AZ
        DANNER, Sam F., died July 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        DAVIS, Thomas, died September 28,1898, AZ
        DICKINSON, W.E., died July 6,1898
        DREW, Mrs. B.F., died 1898, Mesa,AZ
        EARLE, Miss, died December 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        ELLIOTT, Maggie, died August 25,1898, Lordsburg
        ELLIS, Hampton, died July 1898,Globe, AZ
        ESTRADA, Amelia Apple, diedSeptember 11, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        EURROLA, Fermin, died July 23,1898, Tucson, AZ
        FARRIER, P., died December 14,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        FELIX, Febrania, died July 21,1898, Tucson, AZ
        GERVAIS, No first name given,died October 24, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        GLADDING, G.A., died January 13,1899, Tucson, AZ
        GONZALES, Pedro, died August 12,1898, Tucson, AZ
        GOODING, Ray, died August 2,1898, Winslow, AZ
        GUTIERREZ, Rafael, died August 1,1898, Tombstone, AZ
        HALSEY, Charles R., died November28, 1898
        HARDIE, Charles J., died July1898, Oracle, AZ
        HART, Frank, died January, 1899
        HATCH, Mrs. Robert, died December1898, Yuma, AZ
        HE, Sing, died July, 1898, AZ
        HEYDEN, Frank, died December 28,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        HOOKER, Frank, died December 25,1898, Clifton, AZ
        HORNE, Mrs. E.J.F., died July,1898, Los Angeles, CA
        HUPP, John, died July 27, 1898,Chico
        HUTCHISON, William, died August1898, Tucson, AZ
        JAVANDOVITCH, Gustavus, diedAugust, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        JOHNSON, C.M., died September1898, San Francisco, CA
        JOHNSON, E.W., died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        JOHNSON, James, died July 18,1898, Oakland, CA
        JONES, Horace, died November,1898, Hershaw, AZ
        KEENAN, Anna, died October 21,1898, San Francisco, CA
        KIRKLAND, William H., diedJanuary 1, 1899
        KNAPP, Charles H., died November27, 1898, Phoenix, AZ
        KNUDSON/KRUDSON, John, diedDecember 9, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        LARSON, Laborer, died July 23,1898, United Verde copper mine, AZ
        LATCHFORD, W.T., died January1899, Seligman, AZ
        LAWLER, William, died September27, 1898
        LAYTON, Christopher, died August8, 1898, UT
        LEE, James, died September 16,1898, Mammoth, AZ
        LEE, John, died December 18,1898, Yuma, AZ
        LEE, Mary A., died October 15,1898, Tucson, AZ
        LEGGETT, Ed, died 1898
        LEON, Carmen, died November 27,1898
        LEON, Cirilo, died September 19,1898, Tucson, AZ
        LEVY, Isaac, died December 1898
        LONG, W.P., died November 10,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        LUNA, Luce, died November 11,1898
        LYONS, John, January 8, 1899,Phoenix, AZ
        LYTLE, James W., died October 30,1898, Tucson, AZ
        MAHONEY, Cathrine, died December16, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        MARQUARD, Henry, died November 5,1898, Pearce, AZ
        MARTIN, J.C., died 1898, SanFrancisco, CA
        MCCLINTOCK, James H., died 1898
        MCCORD, John L., died November20, 1898, Sacramento, CA
        MCMORROW, Burt, died September 6,1898, Casa Grande, AZ
        MEADE, W.K., died 1898, AK
        MILLER, John F. “Jack”, diedDecember 10, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        MOSS, Sam C., died August 1898
        MULLEN, John, died July 13, 1898,Wickenburg, AZ
        NAVARRO, Miguel, died July 6,1898, Tucson, AZ
        NEESLEY, Harry, died January 20,1899, Tucson, AZ
        O’NEILL, William O. “Buckey”,died 1898
        PAYKEYN, Herman, died August 26, 1898,Tucson, AZ
        PECHECO, Guadalupe, died July 20,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PECK, Louis W., died December 26,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PENDLETON, Barklay, died December1898, Globe, AZ
        PERKINS, D.B., died July 11,1898, Suisun, CA
        PHELPS, Infant daughter, diedJuly 24, 1898, Saginaw
        PLATES, Jose, died September 17,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PLUMB, F.O., died October 8,1898, Tucson, AZ
        PORTER, Jack, died December 1898,Jerome, AZ
        POWERS, Minnie, died 1898, AZ
        LUCAS, Thomas H., died January 9,1899, Prescott, AZ
        PRIEST, Mary V., died December 1,1898, Phoenix, AZ
        REED, Truman, died September 11,1898
        ROMERO, Maria, died September 16,1898, Tucson, AZ
        ROSENBERGER, Mortiz, died July23, 1898
        RYAN, James, died November 11,1898, Kingman, AZ
        SALPOINTE, Right ReverendArchbishop, died July 15, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        SHEA, Mary, died July 28, 1898
        SHEPARD, E.A., died December 12,1898
        SMITH, E.J. Sr., died 1898
        SUE, Ing, died July 22, 1898,Tucson, AZ
        SWEEDEY, John, died July, 1898
        TATTON, Mrs. Joe, died December1898, Globe, AZ
        TAYLOR, A.J., died July 31, 1898
        THOMPSON, F.B., died December 31,1898, Tucson, AZ
        TOUTIN, James, died December 30,1898, Bisbee, AZ
        TITUS, Daniel, died July 16,1898, Oakland, CA
        URQUIDES, Jesus, died November23, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        VALENCUELLA, George, diedSeptember 18, 1898, Tucson, AZ
        WALLACE, May, died November 11,1898, Pendleton, OR
        WALTERS, James, died November,1898, Nogales
        WATTS, Julia Emily (nee JUDGE),died July 8, 1898, Las Vegas, NM
        WEBB, Baby Boy, died November 27,1898, Tucson, AZ
        WELSH, Michael, died August 1898,Tombstone, AZ
        WERNER, Fred, died October 9,1898, Tucson, AZ
        WERNINGER, Irene(?), died August21, 1898, Yuma, AZ
        WHITMORE, Mrs. Dr. W.W., diedNovember 21, 1898
        WILLIAMS, John, died August 31,1898, Kingman, AZ
        WOLFLEY, H.H., died September 29,1898, Phoenix, AZ

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