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Frontline Plus Kills Dog Fleas Fast

My pet dog suffered tick and fleas and often scratches its body. I think my pet can no longer tolerate the itch. Controlling tick and flea is the most
Jenny Beth
Oct 4, 2011

Book: Witness to Extinction

I don't have a copy of this book but can get one on request Witness to Extinction: how we failed to save the Yangtze River Dolphin by Samuel Turvey Oxford
Nov 24, 2009

EMPLOYMENT: farm auditor/advisors

Job opportunies. The Animal Welfare Institute has openings for farm auditor/advisors for its expanding Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) husbandry standards
Oct 17, 2007


Currently this is a group of one, but I hope some more people might wander by. I am a psychologist with a long-term interest in animal welfare and the role of
Oct 17, 2007
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