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Fulton County Commissioners to Sell Out the Animals AGAIN

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    I have written more than a few stories on the abuse of the Atlanta Humane Society with it s long term lack of leadership in handling it s responsibility for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2003
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      I have written more than a few stories on the abuse of the Atlanta Humane Society with it's long term lack of leadership in handling it's responsibility for handling the Fulton County Animal Shelter.  Despite being awarded MILLIONS of dollars to help the animals in Fulton County, Bill Garrett has lead the charge towards killing FOUR of FIVE animals who have the misfortune of ending up in HIS care.

      Pet owners in Atlanta are outraged at Garrett's performance and have demanded dramatic changes to bring Fulton County is step with some of the more progressive shelters in the Atlanta Metro area.

      Unfortunately, the Fulton County Commissioners are prepared to simply change the leadership by NAME only.  They are considering maintaining the current staff lead by Ron "Rotten" Totten who has done NOTHING towards developing programs to SAVE rather than KILL the animals entrusted in HIS care.  Totten, apparently is a spineless individual who refused to stand up to Bill Garrett by at least attempting to make improvements to the shelter.

      One would question whether Totten is still under Garrett's control since he has never demonstrated any leadership skills on his own.

      We, the pet owners of the Atlanta Metro area are outraged at this sell out to the Totten lead regime.  Please let the Fulton County Commissioners know that it is time for SWEEPING reform at the Fulton County Shelter - and the first to get the broom should be Ron Totten.

      Do Not Support Atlanta Humane Society through any donations to AHS.  Please instead consider donating to your local shelter where the money will be spent on the animals rather than used by Garrett to invest in building equity in AHS. 

      PLEASE cross post widely!

      As you know, the Fulton County commissioners in Atlanta, GA are voting this Wednesday, March 19th whether to award the management of the Fulton County Animal Control contract to the group formed by the current executive director at the Fulton shelter, Ron Totten.  Animal Welfare advocates are against this company being awarded the contract, so if you care at all about animals PLEASE call and write TODAY no matter where you live. We need you to drown them in calls and emails. Show the Fulton commissioners that you care about this decision!

      Ask them to Vote NO on awarding the Fulton County Animal Control contract to SYNERGY Management, LLC.  Reasons not to award contract to Synergy include:

      *Synergy is a FOR-PROFIT organization and will be profiting off of the homeless and neglected pets of our city.  This is similar to an organization profiting off of battered women or orphans.

      *Synergy was incorporated THREE DAYS before the bids to the county were due and it will only be 3 weeks old if is given the contract to manage the shelter.  The current executive director of the shelter, Ron Totten, helped form Synergy and he already has a proven record of failure managing this shelter due to an 82% kill rate and poor care and handling of animals.

      *The chairman of the county commission, Mike Kenn, issued a statement saying that they wanted to award the contract to a more humane organization, but this will be the same management, simply with a new name.

      *The bid process was corrupt because the results from the responses to the bids were completely thrown out and the decision was made solely by Dr. James Fason, who had become friendly with Ron Totten. Dr. Fason told us that he never even saw any of the responses to the RFQ and therefore, he didn't even know the programs/qualifications of the bidders.  This reeks of cronyism and backdoor politics.  

      PLEASE be polite and professional when you write to the commissioners but be firm!  Write them today.  Remind them that you are a taxpayer and that YOU DO VOTE.  Contact info (phone and email) for the commissioners:

      District 1: Mike Kenn 404-730-8206 mike.kenn@...
      District 2: Rob Pitts 404-730-8210 robb.pitts@...
      District 3: Bob Fulton 404-730-8213 bfulton@...
      District 4: Tom Lowe 404-730-8219 elaine.greer@...
      District 5: Emma Darnell 404-730-8222 Emma.Darnell@...
      District 6: Nancy Boxill 404-730-8226 district6@...
      District 7: Bill Edwards 404-730-8230 William.Edwards@...
      Deputy County Manager - Development & Public Safety: Terry L. Todd

      Contact info also on the web:

      Details on the meeting location and time:

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