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  • Mel :-)
    Hi, Kellyann! That s so cute you do Yorkie rescue...they re my favorite! I like them because I love my MIL s dog, and they are so small, it works well since
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2005
      Hi, Kellyann!  That's so cute you do Yorkie rescue...they're my favorite!  I like them because I love my MIL's dog, and they are so small, it works well since dh is military and I never know what kind of house we'll be living in!  Plus they can travel well!  I don't even *have* to have a purebread one, I just like how they look.  If I was in Texas I would come adopt one!  I hate that people spend thousands of dollars (some) on them when they could rescue one! -Mel 
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      Date: 05/31/05 10:05:48
      Subject: [AnimalWishList] INTRO: New Member
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      Welcome and Thank You for joining the Animal Wish list!
      Hi all.......Happy to be here!  :)
      I'm Kellyann and in Fort Worth, TX.  I have AngelsHeart Haven Of Hope Foster care for Yorkies, Maltese and Poms and also rescue and foster for Bosleys PomPosse and with numerous transport groups.  This list is a great concept and I hope I'm able to offer to you all as well as receive.  Thanks for having me!!

      "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
      - Anonymous

      Please rescue just one, it's such a small deed,
      No one debates, there are many in need.
      But if one by one, they are taken home,
      One day we'll awake to find there are none.
      None needing rescue, none left to buy,
      None cold and hungry, none left to cry.
      But until that day, if it ever shall be,
      Rescue one, rescue two, until they're all free.....
      Puppymill Dogs Plea
      You finally found us, we hoped that you would,
      our mommy is gone, back deep in the woods.
      She was taken in darkness, so no one would see,
      or hear her weak cries, or her very last plea.
      He walked towards the woods, with a gun in one hand,
      and a rope round her neck, all this carefully planned.
      No more puppies for her, she's too weak you see,
      so they'll shoot her at midnight and then she'll be free.
      Free from darkness and cages, and hunger and fright,
      free from cold winter nights when she just prayed for light.
      The dear little dog once was known as the best,
      now cruelly discarded to make room for the next.
      Who will replace her and continue the cruel deed,
      of producing baby puppies for the pet stores need.
      I sure hope you're reading, because maybe you would see,
      that all of our actions live in eternity.
      You do know that God is watching above,
      and has a very special place for a puppymill dogs love.
      And when the time comes, when you walk to the gate,
      and knock at the entrance to be given your fate.
      Remember these words, please remember them well,
      those who harm our dogs will go directly to Hell.
      Stephanie Hart
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