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FW: The senseless killing of animals in Morgan County, WV

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  • rescuethemutt
    anything anyone can do to help us with these idiot commissioners and their total lack of care/compassion or concern for anything animal related is appreciated.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2013

      anything anyone can do to help us with these idiot commissioners and their total lack of care/compassion or concern for anything animal related is appreciated.




      From: Amy Lane [mailto:amy@...]
      Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 11:49 AM
      To: Stacy Dugan; bclose@...; bford@...; Jody McClintock; dmclaughlin@...; animalcontrol@...


      Morgan County Commissioners Dugan, Close, and Ford, County Administrator Jody McClintock, and Prosecuting Attorney Debra McLaughlin:


      I have contacted you numerous times over the past three weeks.  The first was to inform you that a woman whose dogs and cats for which my brother has been providing food had lost her third animal in as many days.  When the third animal (one dog, one rabbit, then one cat) died and Claire Appleby called him to bury yet another animal for her, my brother came to the conclusion that every time he didn't run to help her with groceries, etc. immediately, an animal would mysteriously die within a matter of hours.  I also informed you that without the food my brother was providing, these animals would starve to death.  


      In the beginning, there were about 9 dogs, 2 cats, rabbits, and birds.  My brother wanted to stop buying the food and you were notified that these animals, if not murdered by Claire Appleby, would starve to death.  You failed to respond to my email without my follow up.  At that time, I was informed that the AC officer and the prosecuting attorney were handling it.  I then was forwarded an email from Jason Pearce (AC officer) to Summer Wyatt, the WV Director of the Humane Society of the United States where Jason stated that he knocked on Claire Appleby's door, but she would not let him in and his hands were tied.  He said if my brother would go in and take photos, then perhaps AC could move forward with their investigation.  


      I have notified you of the death of animal number 4 (dog) and 5 (cat) with no response from you. I begged you to have someone pick up the dead cat that was supposed to be in a bag in the dog house outside the front door of Claire Appleby's trailer so you could have an autopsy done to determine the cause of death.  Again I received no response from you.  My brother was out of town for five days for work and upon his return, Claire Appleby called him to tell him that dog number 6 has died.  This is in a three week span of time.  My brother has not provided food for her animals for the past three weeks.  It is impossible to know at this point if the 6th animal died of starvation or if she has somehow put yet another dog to death.


      In the meantime, a nice color front page article was done last week on Morgan County Animal Control.  It gives the impression that our AC division works like a well oiled machine with round the clock, on call officers with several numbers to reach them.  What good has the $100,000 you have spent done to revamp AC when no one responds to animal abuse calls and emails.  An AC officer has not spoken to my brother even though he has left two messages.  


      I personally hold the commissioners and our prosecuting attorney responsible for the death of animals 4-6 as this could have been stopped.  Morgan County is known as the county that allows animal hoarding and abuse with no penalty.  On the rare occasion in the past where animals have been seized by AC, no charges are pressed allowing that person to immediately begin accumulating animals again.  This has got to stop.


      As you will notice, many different news sources have been copied on this email.  I am hoping at least one of them is an animal lover or at least sees the shortcomings of your actions and will publicize this to the point that perhaps the embarrassment you face will cause you to enforce the laws in place that provides for the prosecution of people who abuse animals.  




      Amy Lane

      780 Shanghai Rd.

      Berkeley Springs, WV  25411


      Fox Creek Farm, Inc.





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