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FW: Need cat and kitty food, litter and flea meds in 77089

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  • Tammy Spencer
    I have 3 cats and one 5mo old kitty. I am trying to find a home for kitty but I m picky and he may end up staying if I can t. I love my furbabies so much, they
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2013
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      I have 3 cats and one 5mo old kitty. I am trying to find a home for kitty but I'm picky and he may end up staying if I can't. I love my furbabies so much, they are like family but I'm having a bit of a tough time right now and they will be out of food tomorrow, litter is gone and they have some fleas. They are indoor cats and I'm afraid I may have to put them out so they can use restroom and not in my house, but I'm scared with all the other wild cats running around. Plz help!! We live in Houston, TX 77089.

      Sincerely, Tammy Spencer

      P.S. If you are going to judge me before knowing my situation and send me a snooty message, plz don't bother here is my story I sent to one lady who judged me before even knowing me!!
      My animals have always been taken care of. They don't eat cheap food, they all have their shots and are fixed except the baby kitty because I dont have a car either. We get rescued pets from shelters, my daughter just adopted a puppy that cost her 200 to take to vet because she was so skinny and not eating. She has worms, distemper and etc but they are loving her and she is getting better. They sent me pics and I'm happy they were raised to help furbabies be in loving homes. I just lost my son whom was in a car accident that paralyzed him from the neck down and I went to Colorado to stay in a shelter for 6 months to get him ready to come home to Texas to be close to family. After getting him here he got a bad bedsore from nursing home that caused him to become septic and his heart stopped. While being gone my business went under. My ex husband molested our youngest daughter and I almost killed him before he was arrested. I have just hit a rough patch
      right now and until I start getting paid from my new job in 3 weeks, I just need alittle help. I got help with my rent, electricity and phone. I don't have cable, or internet or even food for myself and I have the cheapest cell phone. I didn't know flea collars are bad, I've never used them before because I use the drops from vet that goes on neck. I just wanted them to have something so not suffering. I live in Houston TX 77089 and I've never asked for help before for my pet's, I just learned of this place. Have a great day and thanks for rescuing animals.
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