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Fwd: Great desperation!!

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    This poor baby needs our help [image: HELP the rescued animals of APAM] A message from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2013
      This poor baby needs our help

      HELP the rescued animals of APAM

      A message from the campaign

      HELP the rescued animals of APAM

      New message about Great desperation!!

      Posted by Cristina Zuba (campaign founder)

      Every donation counts


      Tyra was operated on her back leg! Unfortunately for now she still doesn't walk and it is possible she'll never succeed to walk again. In this case we'll need a cart for Tyra but we hope, as always, in a miracle! The pelvis is fractured and as it was not enough, a tumor was discovered also. Her general condition is better and she is still at the clinic where she has very good care, she receives painkillers and she looks much better. It can be seen on her how she's fighting to survive, how she fighting to walk again!It is much needed you help further, we have huge expenses!

      Paypal donations: http://links.causes.com/s/clLdu1?r=FoVG

      Website: www.apam.ro

      Want to get involved? See this fundraiser on Causes

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