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  • Karen Izykowski
    Some information that be helpful Subject: IMPORTANT- FINANCIAL HELP FOR PAYING VETERINARIANS   Please share this list far and wide, thank you. Please note
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      Some information that be helpful
      Please share this list far and wide, thank you. 
      Please note some financial groups are national like IMOM.org and MADDIESFUND.


       Check our list for resources in your state 


       Below is a comprehensive list of pet financial aid-related organizations. 


       Some are listed nationwide, and some are listed alphabetically by state. 


       NOTICE: If your animal requires emergency veterinary care and you cannot afford 

       treatment, click here to contact groups, veterinary schools and learn of other  

       resources that may help. If you are unsure what qualifies as emergency  

       veterinary care, call your veterinarian and describe the symptoms. 


       If your organization is offering assistance (such as pet
       food, discounted  

       veterinary services including spay/neuter, temporary foster care, etc.) to  

       individuals facing financial difficulties due to the current economic situation,  

       please let us know about your programs by emailing us at foreclosurepets@  

       humanesociety. org. 

       National organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need 


       Please keep in mind that each organization is independent and has their own set  

       of rules and guidelines. Therefore you will have to investigate each one  

       separately to determine if you qualify for assistance: 


       The Big Hearts Fund (financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of  

       canine and feline heart disease): bigheartsfund. org 

       The Binky Foundation: binkyfoundation. org 

       Brown Dog Foundation (prescription medications) : browndogfoundation. org 

       Canine Cancer Awareness: caninecancerawarene ss.org 

       Cats In Crisis: catsincrisis. org 

       God's Creatures Ministry Veterinary Charity: www.all-creatures. org 

       Help-A-Pet: help-a-pet.org 

       IMOM.org: IMOM.org 

       Magic Bullet Fund (cancer-specific) : themagicbulletfund. org 

       The Mosby Fund: themosbyfoundation. org 

       The Onyx & Breezy Foundation: onyxandbreezy. org 

       Paws 4 A Cure: paws4acure.org 

       Pet Food Bank: www.petco.com 

       The Pet Fund: thepetfund.com 

       Pets of the Homeless (pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless):  

       www.petsofthehomele ss.org 

       RedRover Relief: redrover.org 

       Rose's Fund: rosesfund.org 

       Shakespeare Animal Fund: www.shakespeareanim alfund.org 

       Top Dog Foundation "Bentley Grant": topdogfoundation. org 

       Assistance by state 


       AL | AZ | AR | CA | CO | CT | DE | DC | FL | GA | HI | ID | IL | IN | IA | KS | 

       KY | LA | ME | MD | MA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ | NM | NY |  

       NC | OH | OK | OR | PA | RI | SC | TN | TX | UT | VT | VA | WA | WV | WI | WY |  

       Puerto Rico | Canada 



       Alabama Animal Adoption Society: Homewood (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.petfinder. com/shelters/ AL28 


       Alabama Animal Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic: Montgomery (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.alabamaspayneut er.com 


       The Animal Friends Humane Society: Decantur (pet food/Litter, spay/neuter  


       www.animalfriendsin c.org 


       Alabama Veterinary Medical Association: Statewide (veterinary care assistance) 



       American Veterinary Medical Foundation: multiple locations 



       Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation: Birmingham (pet food, spay/neuter  




       Greater Huntsville Humane Society: Huntsville (pet food) 

       www.petfinder. com/shelters/ AL43 


       Macon County Humane Society: Tuskegee (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.maconcountyhuma nesociety. org 


       Mobile SPCA: Mobile (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.mobilespca. org 


       Shelby Humane Society: Columbiana (spay/neuter assistance)

       www.petfinder. com/shelters/ AL09 


       Spay Alabama: Statewide (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.spayalabama. org 



       Animal Guardian Network: Cave Creek (pet food) 

       www.animalguardiann etwork.org 


       Lost Our Home Pet Foundation: Scottsdale (pet food, temporary foster program) 

       www.lostourhome. org 


       Payson Humane Society: Payson (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.paysonhumanesoc iety.com 


       back to top 



       All About Labs: Statewide (temporary housing/foster for dogs and cats, not just  

       labs; pet food; spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm prevention and flea/tick  


       www.allaboutlabs. org 


       Bella Vista Animal Shelter: Bella Vista (spay/neuter assistance; contact BVAS  

       for additional services) 

       www.petfinder. com/shelters/ AR27 


       For Pets' Sake Best Friends Program: Springdale NW Arkansas (microchipping, Best  

       Friends Senior Program includes pet food, assistance for veterinary care,  

       transportation to veterinarian and groomer, temporary foster program if  

       hospitalized for seniors in Northwest Arkansas) 

       www.for-pets- sake.org 


       Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue: Van Buren County (spay/neuter & pet food assistance) 




       Humane Society of Saline County: Benton (spay/neuter and vaccination assistance) 

       www.hssaline. org 


       Northeast Arkansas for Animals (NAFA): Jonesboro (pet food, vaccination  


       www.nafacares. org 


       Out Of The Woods Rescue and Referral: Little Rock (pet food, spay/neuter  

       assistance, temporary foster program, assistance for necessary veterinary  

       medical care) 



       back to top 



       The ACME Foundation: Clearlake (veterinary care assistance for senior and  

       disabled pet owners) 

       aacmefoundation. org 


       Actors and Others for Animals: Greater Los Angeles area (pet food, spay/neuter  

       assistance, assistance for necessary veterinary
       medical care) 

       www.actorsandothers .com 


       Animal Assistance League of Orange County: Orange County (pet food,  

       transportation and veterinary care assistance) 



       Animal Health Foundation: Los Angeles and Orange Counties (veterinary care  


       animalhealthfoundat ion.net 


       AnimalSave: Green Valley (pet food, spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.animalsave. org 


       Bad Rap: San Francisco (pit bull-specific assistance for finding rental housing  

       and insurance) 



       California Department of Social Services Assistance Dog Special Allowance (ADSA)  

       Program: Statewide (provides monthly stipend to eligible persons who use a  

       guide, signal, or service dog) 

       www.cdss.ca. gov 


       Cat People: Bakersfield (cat food/litter, spay/neuter assistance, vaccination  




       Cats in Need (of Human Care): Southern California, multiple locations  

       (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.catsinneed. com 


       The Chester Foundation: Sacramento region (veterinary care assistance) 

       www.chesterfound. org 


       FixNation: Los Angeles (spay/neuter assistance for cats) 



       of Long Beach Animals: Long Beach (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.friendsoflongbe achanimals. org 


       Helen Woodward Animal Center: Santa Fe (pet food) 

       www.animalcenter. org 


       Helen Woodward Animal Center Animeals program (free pet food for the dogs and  

       cats of elderly or disabled people throughout San Diego County) 

       www.animalcenter. org/animeals 


       Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley: San Bernardino (low-cost spay/neuter) 



       LA Animal Services: Los Angeles (spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip  


       www.laanimalservice s.com 


       Marin Humane Society: Novato (pet care assistance to low-income seniors, persons  

       living with HIV/AIDS and those receiving hospice services; please see website  

       for complete list of services) 

       www.marinhumanesoci ety.org 


       Mercy Crusade's Spay and Neuter Clinic: Oxnard (spay/neuter and vaccination  


       www.dogcatfix. com 


       Mountains' Humane Society: Lake Arrowhead (pet food, spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.mountainshumane society.com 


       Napa Humane: Napa (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.napahumane. org 


       Ohlone Humane Society Special Assistance Program: Fremont, Union City and Newark  

       (veterinary care assistance, pet food, spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.ohlonehumanesoc iety.org 


       Orange County SPCA Animal Rescue Fund: Orange County (assistance for veterinary  

       care including spay/neuter) 

       www.orangecountyspc a.org 


       Palo Alto Humane Society: Palo Alto (spay/neuter assistance, assistance for  

       emergency veterinary care) 

       www.paloaltohumane. org 


       PALS: Pets Are Loving Support (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, 

       disabled or ill pet owners) 



       Pasadena Humane Society: Pasadena (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.phsspca. org 


       PAWS/LA: Hollywood (pet food and supplies, veterinary medical care assistance,  

       grooming, spay/neuter, veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled  

       or ill pet owners, and other services) 



       PAWS San Francisco (veterinary care assistance programs for senior, disabled or  

       ill pet owners) 



       Peninsula CatWorks (veterinary care assistance for cats

       www.peninsulacatwor ks.org 


       Pet Assistance Foundation: Multiple Locations, Southern California (spay/neuter  

       assistance for dogs, cats, and rabbits) 

       www.orgsites. com 


       Pet Orphans of Southern California: Van Nuys (veterinary care assistance) 

       www.petorphans. org 


       Pets Are Wonderful Support: San Diego (pet food/litter, pet
       supplies, veterinary  

       assistance, animal transport, temporary foster program, veterinary care  

       assistance programs for senior, disabled or ill pet owners) 

       www.pawssdc. org 


       Placer SPCA SOS Program: Placer County
       (rental deposits, temporary boarding, pet  

       food and veterinary care assistance) 

       www.placerspca. org 


       Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends (RUFF): Laguna Beach (pet food) 

       www.ruffrescue. org 


       Riverside County Department of Animal Services: Riverside (spay/neuter  




       Sacramento SPCA: Sacramento (pet food, spay/neuter assistance) 



       The Sam Simon Foundation: Los Angeles (free surgery for non-orthopedic  

       procedures; free spay/neuter operations, including vaccinations, flea control, 

       deworming, nail trims, and antibiotics) 

       www.samsimonfoundat ion.com 


       Sammie's Friends: Grass Valley (veterinary care assistance) 

       www.sammiesfriends. org 


       San Francisco SPCA Animal Hospital (veterinary care assistance programs for  

       senior, disabled or ill pet owners, spay/neuter assistance) 



       Santa Cruz SPCA: Santa Cruz (pet food, spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.santacruzspca. org 


       Santa Maria Valley Humane Society: Santa Maria (spay/neuter assistance,  

       microchips, pet food bank) 



       SEAACA: Downey (veterinary medical care assistance, spay/neuter, vaccination  




       Sequoia Humane Society: Eureka (spay/neuter assistance) 

       sequoiahumane. org 


       SHARE Marin Humane Society (veterinary care assistance programs for senior,  

       disabled or
       ill pet owners) 

       marinhumanesociety. org 


       Spay Neuter Animal Network (SPAN): Ventura (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.spanonline. org 


       SPCA for Monterey County: Monterey (pet food, spay/neuter and vaccination  




       Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation: Walnut Creek (pet food, spay/neuter  

       assistance, emergency veterinary assistance) 



       VET SOS: San Francisco (free veterinary care and supplies for pets of the  




       Voice for the Animals Foundation: Santa Monica (veterinary care assistance) 

       www.vftafoundation. org 


       back to top 



       Ark-Valley Humane Society: Buena Vista (pet food) 

       www.ark-valley. org 


       The Cartwright Foundation: Denver/Front Range region (veterinary care  


       www.gingerslegacy. com 


       Cat Care Society: Lakewood (spay/neuter assistance, assistance for

       veterinary medical care) 

       www.catcaresociety. org 


       Colorado State University Companion Care Fund: Fort Collins (veterinary care  


       www.cvmbs.colostate .edu 


       Colorado State University Pets Forever Program: Larimer County (various services  

       for low-income or disabled pet-owners) 

       csuvth.colostate. edu 


       Dreampower Animal Rescue: Colorado Springs (temporary foster program) 

       www.dreampower. org 


       Every Creature Counts: Fort Lupton (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.everycreatureco unts.org 


       The Feline Fix: Denver (spay/neuter assistance) 

       www.thefelinefix. org 


       For Pets' Sake Humane Society: Cortez (assistance for emergency veterinary care,  

       spay/neuter and vaccination assistance) 

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