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URGENT:Union City, TN: Snickers, Ralphie, Elizabeth, Brandi abandoned, sick & starving, they need our help

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  • Linda Swanson
    Can someone help them. TN does not have the best record when taking care of the dogs. This little rescue is doing the absolute best they can do with the help
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2013
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      Can someone help them. TN does not have the best record when taking care of the dogs. This little rescue is doing the absolute best they can do with the help they have

      PLEASE CROSSPOST!  Thank you.

       Snickers, Ralphie, Elizabeth and Brandi are in desperate need of our help. Each one has been abandoned, most nearly starved to death. Each dog has a personal tale to tell. Please read their stories below and find room in your heart to donate toward their medical care or boarding at http://diamondsntheruff.chipin.com/ralphie-elizabeth-brandi-carmel-need-our-help-now  If you want to help a specific dog just leave a note in the paypal "memo" area. Contact Sandra at unicorn47@...731-885-7016 or 731-446-4013 to learn how you can FOSTER, ADOPT, TRANSPORT or DONATE to help Snickers, Ralphie, Brandi, Elizabeth, or other cats, dogs, puppies & kittens also looking for homes! You may also donate by mail, credit card or paypal direct: see end of flyer below.

      YOU are SNICKERS last hope. He desperately needs your help. Snickers, a stunning young Dutch Shepherd Mix, was abandoned to the streets of Union City, TN, & picked up by animal control. This friendly, affectionate boy was soon a shelter favorite. Respectful with all visitors. And so polite--he'd always allow the humans to walk through the doorway first. And oh how he loved to tuck his beautiful brindle face in their laps! And loved to play ball! When his 7 days were up and his euthanasia date set it was easy to see why Diamonds in the Ruff Pound Pups rescued him. Snickers loved his foster home and was doing great--until a fight broke out with one of the house dogs. Snickers was asked to leave and been in boarding ever since. Diamonds in the Ruff has been unable to find an only-pet home and experienced dog handler for this precious boy. Snickers is now out of funds: you are his last hope.
       Without boarding funds this charming, affectionate boy is out of time, but your $10.00 donation will save Snicker's life by offering him 1 day of boarding while Diamonds continues their search for an experienced dog handler to foster or adopt. PLEASE help SNICKERS raise those funds at: http://diamondsntheruff.chipin.com/ralphie-elizabeth-brandi-carmel-need-our-help-now  & write SNICKERS in the memo area. P.S. Do you know of an experienced dog handler that could offer Snickers a foster or forever home, hopefully as an only dog? Snickers is a stunning, playful, affectionate young boy who will be forever grateful to you for the gift of life.

      You remember Carmel and her dozen puppies? Well, they have moved into fostercare. Hooray! But Ralphie, Elizabeth and Brandi still need your help. Rehabilitation from near-starvation is not easy and these 3 precious souls need your help so they can heal and move into forever families of their own. Please read their stories and help as much as you can...please consider adoption too...each one of these dogs are just as sweet as can be! Here are their stories:
      RALPHIE lived his entire life in the back of the yard at the end of a chain. If you can call it "living". Little or dirty water. Fed whenever his "owner" remembered he was out there. One day Ralphie escaped and went in search of food and love. He found neither. After several weeks on the road Ralphie was painfully thin, his health rapidly deteriorating. He wound up at the vet's office and immediately keeled over dead. The vet revived Ralphie and called his owner who said "No, I don't want him back. No money to fix him up. Just put'em down".  The vet called Diamonds in the Ruff Pound Pups instead and Ralphie was welcomed into their rescue. Ralphie has been at the hospital on IV fluids and will need careful nourishment and medical care to regain weight, restore his health and find him a new and loving home. Please help Ralphie raise the $700 for his medical care at http://diamondsntheruff.chipin.com/ralphie-elizabeth-brandi-carmel-need-our-help-now write Ralphie in the memo area.

      Diamonds in the Ruff received a call about two starving dogs outside a trailer home and hurried out with a large bag of food to help. What they found was heartbreaking! Brandi and Elizabeth were painfully thin and barely alive. Both dogs--and a nearby cat--wolfed down the food as if they hadn't eaten in weeks. And they probably hadn't! Their owner was home that day and explained she had little food for herself or the two dogs she had raised since puppyhood. She sadly surrendered both girls in the hopes that they will be adopted and live a healthier, happier life than she could give them. Diamonds in the Ruff is eager to do exactly that--but first we must restore them to good health. Right now they are too thin to even draw blood to get an accurate health assessment! Elizabeth and Brandi will need careful renourishment and medical care to regain weight, restore their health and find them a new and loving home. The vet says these two have been so deeply traumatized that they must stay together. Please help Brandi & Elizabeth raise the $800 they need for medical care & boarding at http://diamondsntheruff.chipin.com/ralphie-elizabeth-brandi-carmel-need-our-help-now & write Brandi & Elizabeth in the memo area.

      CARMEL curled up tightly in the ditch beside the road that morning, rain sobbing furiously and the wind striking against her face. After weeks of searching for food and shelter she could go no further--especially carrying 13 puppies inside her skin and bones frame. Car after car drove by and Carmel would lift her head hopefully. But no one stopped. She was tempted to just give up, but the little ones inside her deserved a chance to live, so she kept her spirits up and tried to stay warm for them. After several days a kind lady showed up with some food, then called for rescue. Diamonds in the Ruff rushed Carmel to the vet and later a foster home where she gave birth to 13 puppies (sadly one of them died the next day). Carmel and her 12 tiny pups are safe and warm now, but all 13 will need veterinary care for exams, shots and spaying. Please help Carmel raise the $600 she needs for medical care for herself and her 12 gorgeous puppies at http://diamondsntheruff.chipin.com/ralphie-elizabeth-brandi-carmel-need-our-help-now write Carmel in the memo area. 
      You may also MAIL your gift or donation to:
      Diamonds in the Ruff Pound Pups, PO Box 62, Union City, TN 38281 & write the pet's name in the memo
      Reelfoot Veterinary Hospital, 402 W. Reelfoot Ave, Union City, TN 38261 & write Diamonds in the Ruff/petname on check
      You may call in a credit card donation to Reelfoot Veterinary Hospital at 731-885-1943 tell them your gift is for: Diamonds in the Ruff/petname
      Paypal a gift at www.paypal.com  to: unicorn47@... & write pet's name in memo or

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