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Call for AWFNJ Unity Award Nominations New Jersey - Due Date Feb. 1. 2013

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  • Daisy Mae, CGC
    Purpose: Caring for animals takes many forms and forums, from feral cat caretakers to wildlife monitors, from sheltering and animal control to animal rights.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
      Caring for animals takes many forms and forums, from feral cat caretakers to wildlife monitors, from sheltering and animal control to animal rights. The problems we face in the animal protection community can best be served by working together to find practical solutions. This award seeks to honor the collaborative efforts of those who have looked beyond our different methods to achieve a common goal.

      •Action (or service) must have involved more than one group or constituency and required the groups to work together to solve a problem or perform the action for which they are nominated.
      •Action must have directly benefited animals in New Jersey.
      •Action must be a unique idea or one modeled on another ... not the local execution of a national program.
      •Action must address a specific need (overpopulation, cruelty, increasing positive outcomes for animals in shelters, etc.) and be clearly defined in the nomination.
      •Action nominated must have taken place in New Jersey and directly affected the animals in New Jersey.
      •Nominee does not have to be a resident of New Jersey or a member of the AWFNJ. Current AWFNJ Board members are not eligible for nomination. Board member agencies, or other members of the agencies may be eligible for this award.
      •Nomination may be for works done by shelter employees when it was done or developed outside their regular job responsibilities.

      Examples of possible nominations:
      The nominee may have worked with other animal protection organizations or with corporations, government, media and others in seemingly unrelated fields. Perhaps a local ordinance or statewide legislation was implemented, a community rallied to address its animal sheltering needs, or an innovative educational program was developed. The action could be an ongoing effort, an impressive display of unity during a crisis or the resolution of a particular problem. A shelter kennel worker who developed an adoption program outside of his/her every day job scope, or who worked to develop legislation aiding animals; a legislator that organized local groups to develop programs, etc. )

      Review process:
      •Unity Award committee will review all submissions to determine eligibility.
      •Unity Award committee reserves the right to reject any submissions not determined to fit the established criteria.
      •Those nominees meeting the criteria will be presented to a panel of judges who will select and rank their top three choices. The nominee getting the highest number of points (based on their ranking) will receive the Unity Award.
      •Fact checking will be done on top vote getters.
      •The Unity Award may not be given in any year if nominees do not fit the standards set by the committee.
      •Nominees not receiving the award in any given year are encouraged to resubmit for consideration in the future.
      •If awarded, the Unity Award will be presented at the AWFNJ Annual Conference.

      Due Date:
      2013 Unity Award submissions are due to the committee no later than February 1, 2013. Send nominations using this form by email (info@...), fax 618-551-3951 or mail (PO Box 406, Manville, NJ 08835.) No handwritten submissions will be accepted.
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