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  • Linda Swanson
    I know Collen and if she is asking for help she really needs it for Beau -- Linda Swanson parhiscan@fastmail.fm WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP, DONATE TODAY! UPDATE
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2012
      I know Collen and if she is asking for help she really needs it for Beau
      Linda Swanson

      UPDATE ON OUR LITTLE SPECIAL BUDDY, BEAU ... Watch Beau as he tries out his newly repaired legs

      Beau's surgery went well. Dr. Levine was able to repair Beau's right leg with out any problems but his left was a little more tricky as the break had gone slightly into the growth plate area. Time will tell a to whether he will heal properly but for now we are just so grateful for Dr. Levine's quick response to our request for assistance. This is not the first time the doctors from Veterinary Surgical specialist's have helped us, we can not thank them enough on behalf of our organization and all of the wonderful rescue animals they have helped. Beau is now home and recuperating. He of course is not slowed by his two fully bandaged legs. What a resilient little puppy, he is truly a remarkable little guy with a heart filed with love and determination. We are so thankful for the generosity of those of you who have already donated to his surgery fund. Beau sends out a great big HELLO and THANK YOU to all who have helped him.

      If you can find it in your heart we are still very short of his repair expenses a well as his aftercare expenses to come. We would appreciate any amount that you may afford, it all adds up and we are thankful for any donation when it comes to our being able to continue to help "THOSE WHO SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE"

      With Heartfelt Gratitude,

      Colleen & Beau

      The Original Story/Plea

      I would like you to MEET BEAU, this little guy needs our help, CAN YOU HELP HIM?
      Beau is a lovely, affectionate, sweet little guy. He is approximately 20 weeks old. Beau is a Chocolate Labrador Springer cross, unfortunately a new designer breed that has emerged, the Labradinger. You see Beau is in surgery as I write. This little sweet innocent boy was left by his owner for 2 days with both rear limbs broken before seeking medical attention. Think of what I can imagine was excruciating pain, what did he think? Why would his person leave him like this?
      Beau was brought in to the veterinary clinic by a friend of the owner because you see the owner was just too busy to attend to his 4 legged companion. Upon his arrival Dr. Austin cringed as he examined this poor pups rear legs. X-rays confirmed what he already knew; Beau had two fractures right above his growth plates that had some fragmenting and needed immediate attention. As with too many of these stories, the owner who sought after this designer dog, did not want to do any repairs, his answer was EUTHANIZE. How the injuries occurred are questionable, Beau was just found outside laying when he went to look for him. We will never know the real story of his injury but we can only move forward and help this innocent soul begin a new life with people who will care for him. In comes Gregory's, who better to provide Beau with the "Gift of Hope".
      It's no question Beau's medical needs will be expensive but we could not let this little sweetheart lose his chance at a life, it is not in our realm to say no, we must always find a way. This is where we all come in, I have started this young pups surgery fund with $100.00 from myself and Brynn. Please I am asking everyone to take a moment and HELP US HELP HIM. With our always limited funds we are in need of your help. If you could find it in your hearts to donate, even $5.00, just think what we can do. For what a Caribou coffee or a Subway Sandwich would cost us just one time we all together could give Beau the "gift of life" for this holiday season.
      Gregory's struggles with finances everyday with all the needs of our animals but we do it tirelessly through never ending volunteer hours. We are there in the "hour of need" please help us continue our rescue efforts this holiday season and throughout the upcoming year.
      We here at Gregory's Gift of Hope wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
      Colleen & the GGOH Rescue's & 's
      You may make donations on our website @ www.ggohinc.com We have 2 different locations on our site to donate through, RAZOO or the PAYPAL site. Thank you from the bottom of our's and paws

      Colleen O'Shaughnessy




      HELP US HELP THEM! http://www.raisemoneyforpets.com/grgiofho.html

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