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Louie's Last Chance

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  • Linda Swanson
    This group has been trying to raise the funds to get Louie to safety. They are still short CHIP IN FOR LOUIE
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2012
      This group has been trying to raise the funds to get Louie to safety.
      They are still short

      Linda Swanson
      This is the last effort to help Louie make it to his rescue! Please help
      save Louie! He has a rescue and a driver if we can raise the funds in

      November 15 6:58pm

      Spread the LOVE for LOUIE!!!
      Its not Louies fault he was born a Pit Bull, discriminated against since
      birth. His first owner mutilated his beautiful ears to make him look
      tough, but theres nothing you could do to Louie to make him mean. Louie
      has a kind heart and thinks hes a big kid. We found Louie resting under
      a shade tree at a local church. We know God loves all his creatures and
      wanted this beautiful boy to find love in the world. I wish I was the
      right family to give him that, but I can only play a small role in
      trying to keep him safe until he finds a forever home. But his life is
      in jepoardy, I am not allowed to keep pits at my house and have skinned
      by for as much time trying to help him, but I face losing my home if
      Louie isnt gone. I am already passed my deadline, and by Gods grace he
      has found a rescue, but its all the way in Canada. I know the cost for
      one person is too high, but if we can all band together and pitch in a
      dollar or two it could be covered in no time and Louie would be safe!
      Please spread the love for Louie!

      November 9 3:48pm

      Help Louie get to his forever home! Louie just got neutered in
      Bakersfield, California, and he needs to get to his forever home in
      Alberta, Canada! He is going to a remarkable rescue there, and they love
      him already. We are trying to raise the money to pay for gas to get
      there. If the money is not rasied, Louie will not be able to go to
      rescue, and may have to end up going to a shelter! Please help Louie!

      November 9 3:39pm
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