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Baby Toby still needs help

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  • Linda Swanson
    TOBY STILL NEEDS YOUR FINANCIAL HELP Thursday, November 8, 2012, is an extremely important day for Toby. This is when he will have surgeryifBTRA can raise
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      Thursday, November 8, 2012, is an extremely important day for Toby.  This is when he will have surgeryifBTRA can raise sufficient money for this operation.  BTRA is required to have funds available at the time of surgery. 

      Last week BTRA sent out a donation plea for baby Toby.  I want to thank each and every one of you who contributed toward Toby’s pending surgery.  BTRA has received two-thirds (2/3) of the needed funds in order for Toby to have his surgery. 

      Unfortunately, veternarians require that the entire bill be paid upon services rendered.  I wish this were not the case, but the reality is that in today’s world this is the norm.  I can understand this point of view as veternarians have a staff to pay and overhead to maintain.

      Toby desperately needs this surgery in order to live.  He must be able to eliminate his feces and his urine separately.  This is not optional for him.  Toby can not stay on antibiotics for the rest of his life.  

      Again, I am asking for you to go to that place in your heart that tells you “yes, I will help this baby Boston live."  I am asking you to open your purse, wallets and checkbooks.  I am asking for additional help for Toby. 

      This little baby is just ten (10) weeks old.  I wish you all could see little Toby's beautiful expressive eyes as he runs around the house playing with his toys.  He just wants and needs a chance to grow up and find his forever loving home when he gets well.

      As you know, BTRA has no paid staff or overhead costs.  Our rescue can only operate on the generous donations of our friends and benefactors.  YOU have come to the aide of this wonderful breed on every occasion when we needed your help.  My heart tells me that this will be no different and that Toby will be able to have his surgery.  Please help me make this possible


                                                                            Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President

                                                                            Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

      P.S. I want you to know that EVERY donation will go directly and only for Toby. Like my previous email stated, I have already donated $500.00 toward Toby’s goal.  As his foster mom, I promise to take very good care of Toby’s needs throughout his surgery and his recouping period, and I will keep everyone updated on his progress.



      Dear Friends and Benefactors - 

             Early in the morning of October 22, 2012, I was going through my Facebook posts and stumbled across a picture of a baby Boston that needed a rescue to take him.  His sweet face just kept drawing me back to that post.  At times it is hard to determine where a dog is located as sufficient information is not posted.  After several hours of messaging back and forth on this post between several cross posters for animal rescue, I was able to find out that this baby was in Jacksonville, Florida. 

             BTRA was able to locate and talk to this baby’s owner.  He told me that this Boston puppy had a birth defect, and he could not afford the veternian’s cost to repair the defect.  He did not tell me that he was a “breeder” and had sold the other puppies on Craigslist.  While my feelings about puppy mills and “backyard breeders” are well known, I will give him credit for the fact that he did not want to euthanize the puppy. 

             I had no idea at the time how I was going to get this baby to Alabama, but I remembered a wonderful rescuer and transport coordinator who helped BTRA get our Sarah Kate from Sebring, Florida, to Alabama.  I emailed her, and she immediately got to work on finding transportation.  She was able to get Pilots ‘n Paws to fly this Boston baby from Jacksonville, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida, and then found ground transporters to bring him from Tallahassee, Florida, to Pensacola, Florida.  I drove from Alabaster, Alabama, to Pensacola, Florida, and got the little baby.   All of this took place within one day of contacting our dear friend in Sebring who worked all day to arrange this transport.  For those of you not in rescue, this was no easy accomplishment.  It usually takes days and sometimes weeks to get a transport together.

             From the moment that I saw this sweet little Boston’s face on Facebook, he just grabbed my heart.  His little expressive eyes spoke to me letting me know that he desperately needed and wanted to have a chance at life.  I just could not say “no” and turn away.  Rescue is about saving the lives of animals and going the extra mile to enable them to live and thrive whenever possible. 

             This baby Boston now has a name--Toby.  Toby and I went to see BTRA’s regular veterinarian on Thursday, October 25, 2012.  She examined him and gave me a name for his deformity--hypospadias.  Hypospadias is a congenital defect in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside, rather than at the end, of the penis.  Toby has a small hole under his anus where he urinates.  His defect is more severe than the usual case of hypospadias.  In addition to the urethra being on the underside, his intestinal tract does not terminate at his anus.  Toby urinates and defecates out of the same little hole under his anus.  

             Toby has also now been seen by a veterinarian surgical specialist in Birmingham, Alabama.  Toby’s case is very unusual in that both the urethra and intestinal tract are involved.  The surgeon cannot fully determine the best course of surgical correction until he operates on this baby.  Without exploratory surgery, it cannot be determined if the intestinal tract can be rerouted to its proper place.  The surgeon does know that the penis can be removed along with the testes and/or ovaries and that the prepuce can be closed.  When the surgeon opens Toby up, he will be able to identify the best route for the urethra--whether to leave it routed to the small opening below his anus or if rerouting would be appropriate and best. 

             If we live long enough, life is going to throw most of us some curve balls.  Little Toby has been thrown a major twister in his short 10 weeks of life.  To watch him run around playing and listening to his little “woof woof” baby bark, you would never know that anything was wrong with the little fellow.  He is an adorable little baby.  He is just full of that famous Boston energy and enthusiasm.

             BTRA wants to give Toby every chance at living a full and functioning life, and I am hoping and praying that you feel the same way.  We have faith in the selection of the surgeon who will perform the exploratory surgery on this baby.  We know that Toby will be an unusual Boston, but that does not mean that his deformity has to determine the course of his life.  Toby will urinate and defecate differently, but this will not affect his zest for life and his ability to give unconditional love to a loving family. 

             When you look at baby Toby’s pictures and see just how precious he is, I hope that you too realize that Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama did the only right thing possible in rescuing this sweet little one.

             We need your financial help in order to get Toby the surgery needed to live.  He cannot continue to live without his problems being “fixed”.  As he continues to grow, the problems will grow with him.  The chances of ongoing infections, urine scalding, and the need for the continuing long-term use of antibiotics will be life threatening.

             Toby’s surgery has been estimated to be between $4000.00 and $4,500.00.  I know that this is a large sum of money, but together we can do this.  I have personally donated the first $500.00 for little Toby.  I need major help with the remaining amount.  BTRA must be able to pay for the surgery on the date that Toby is scheduled to be operated on, which is November 8, 2012.  

             Rescue is not easy work, but it is rewarding when you are able to see the sick get better, when the disabled are given the necessary care to enable them to function as best as possible, and when helping the senior doggies live out their lives loved and as pain free as possible.  We are trying our best to fulfill these goals, but there are times that we MUST ask for financial help from our friends and benefactors.  Volunteers just are not able to do this by ourselves.  BTRA never asks for financial help unless there is absolutely no other way to pay for needed vetting costs or surgery.

             You have been so generous and caring in your financial support of our rescued Bostons.  I just cannot thank you enough for enabling BTRA to continue to help this wonderful breed.  I am asking for your help again so that Toby can have his surgery and live as normal a life as possible.  He is a handsome and happy Boston boy/girl.  Together we can make this happen.                       


      Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, PresidentBoston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

      P.S. -  Thank you in advance for helping baby Toby.  He is sending out his sweet puppy kisses to all.  I want you to know that you have enabled BTRA to help over 175 Bostons since May, 2010.  One hundred and five (105) of these have been successfully adopted.  We could not have done this without YOU, and I thank you for caring.

      Linda Swanson
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