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Re: [AnimalWishList] Re: Need help with spaying my three cats!

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  • Tiffany
    Please STOP emailing ME about this! My cats are all fixed! Please reply to the ORIGINAL POST! I m sorry to yell, but I have gotten about 30 emails about this
    Message 1 of 6 , May 4, 2012
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      Please STOP emailing ME about this! My cats are all fixed! Please reply to the ORIGINAL POST!
      I'm sorry to yell, but I have gotten about 30 emails about this today, even after I posted that you should reply to Rose, not me.


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      In addition to checking with your own local humane society, as well as
      local animal control agency, as well as any no-kill animal shelters,
      and cat rescues in your area, they might offer lower cost spay that
      what the typical vet clinic normally charges. Many vet clinics give
      cat rescues discounted prices for spay/neuter of their foster animals.
      If you chck around with some of the local cat rescues they might be
      willing to bring your cats to their vet, pass them off as their foster
      animals, and help you get them spayed at a much cheaper price than if
      you would take them there yourself.  I have done this for many people
      who live in my area.
      There are some nationwide organizations who offer various types of
      spay-neuter assistance as well as referals to low cost high volumne
      spay-neuter clinics. Here are some you can contact to get more

      SPAY-USA:  www.spayusa.org or call them at this toll-free number:

      Friends of Animals
      PO Box 30042
      Hartford, Connecticut 06820
      1-800-321-PETS (7387)
      They sell low cost s/n certificates to be used at particpating vet
      clinics located throughout the USA.

      Here is a couple of different websites that give a state by state
      listing of  low cost or free s/n clinics in th United States:

      ASPCA low cost spay neuter programs: www.aspca.org/petcare/spayneuter/

      complete list of low cost spay neuter clinics: www.getyourfix.org/

      If you have pet health insurance for your cats, some of those
      companies include the cost of spay-neuter in their policies.

      Hope this information helps you get your 3 little girls spayed as
      quickly as possisble before they add to the over pet population
      explosion.. I commend you for wanting to do the right thing. I am
      proud of you!
      Kitty in Wisconsin

      On 5/4/12, VickieDavis Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ <v.davis57@...> wrote:
      > Without knowing the area you live I can't help much but if you advise us I'm
      > sure we can help. There are many low cost spay clinics around the country.
      > the one by me only charges $60 and that includes a rabies vaccine. and thats
      > for dogs. cats are even less
      > Dog & Puppy Belly Bands start at $5 each.
      > ****************************************
      >> To: AnimalWishList@yahoogroups.com
      >> From: watchdogps@...
      >> Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 11:28:40 +0000
      >> Subject: [AnimalWishList] Re: Need help with spaying my three cats!
      >> Hi Rose,
      >>  Perhaps you could list your general area and others could help you find a
      >> low cost alternative? Is the $500 JUST the three spays?
      >> Tiffany
      >> --- In AnimalWishList@yahoogroups.com, "Rose Mccool" <rosemccool@...>
      >> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Hello everyone! Im Rose. I am looking for some help with spaying my
      >> > three cats. They are my babys Cookie, sweetie, and baby girl. Spaying is
      >> > really expensive and there is no low cost places around here. I called
      >> > my vet and a few others and the cheapest i can find is the one i go too.
      >> > It is about 500 dollars for all three. I would really really appriciate
      >> > anyone that can help me. Two of them have already went into heat and i
      >> > am scared that they might get out one day and i want to prevent anyone
      >> > of them getting pregnant, thats alot of stress for them to go through!
      >> > Anything would be greatly aprriciated! Thank you for reading!
      >> >
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