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urgent questions from city of angels, nlove

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  • NancyL
    PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER, THEN CIRCULATE/NETWORK TO THOSE WHO MIGHT HELP! THX, BLESS U. Hello, I hope the season brings you joy. I want to let you know what s
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2011
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      Hello, I hope the season brings you joy.
      I want to let you know what's going on and ask you three questions. I will try to be succinct, and you are welcome to call me if you need more information. 310-395-9569

      In the New Year I will launch a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds to begin the non-profit I hope to start, The Planet Peace Project. It will entail offering free mediation services to warring countries or tribes within countries, a micro-peace educational program for K-12 and college, and annual festivals celebrating the arts that celebrate the planet.

      Focal issues for P3 will be animal and human rights, environmental protection, depoliticizing hunger and feeding the children, and supporting creative professionals worldwide who work for peace and a better world.
      see www.lovekinfoundation.com and soon...www.planetpeace.us

      I also want to finish my book on Gene Roddenberry and submit some optimistic sci fi screenplays to agents, and hope to further my career as a freelance writer and photographer and oil painter.
      see www.nancylove.net

      I have an immediate and very urgent need for three things and wonder if you have ideas or soul-utions. :>

      1. My rescue cats and I need immediate housing--could move in on deferred rent--pay within 3 to 4 weeks, have work, need place to do it--or on a trade basis. Can trade business skills, versatile entrepreneur, CEO level experience.
      Marketing, writing, editing, web content, still photography, business management, business development, publicity, public relations, events, more.

      I am quiet, no loud anything, a liberal and green, considerate. Tolerant of legal medical mj, not a big drinker, no cigarettes. Very polite and zen mellow.:>
      The cats are well trained and I am meticulously tidy, they remain only in my room. I need a room with a secure door that closes well.

      Very urgent need for housing in LOS ANGELES, am downtown in a place I intended to leave weeks ago, a new place fell through and I am overdue to vacate!
      If you have a spare room please, let's talk about an arrangement that will be equitable.

      2. I need EMERGENCY donations to support my survival and rescue efforts. If you can donate any amount, no matter how small, it will assist us now. My entire year 2011 was turned upside down professionally by trying to rescue cats. I realize I need to get paid to spend as much as half my time in rescue (!!) and have no shame in asking for your help. If you are not trapping strays at midnite in the rain downtown with me, then consider that donating is a good way to help those of us who are out in the field.
      I have 5 cats--4 from a rescue this spring--and am trying to help a new mother with 5 kittens down the street, plus a lady with 39 animals she needs to adopt out.

      My heart is full, my hands are full, my wallet alas needs emergency help!

      You can paypal me at wordartist111@...
      or snail mail at PO Box 115, Santa Monica CA 90406
      or if you are in LA I can come by to pick up a donation.
      I am going non-profit for Planet Peace in the spring, so soon helping me will be tax deductible.

      3. I need work. I have a few writing and editing and photography clients, I need many more! I will send my resume if you request it, and business writing samples.
      I do all types of writing from film industry to general business, web content, and more. Editing of websites and documents. Marketing, business management and sales. Media expert, online and print magazines, press releases. Still photographer--family portraits! headshots, commercial shots, fine art. Event planning and management. Very versatile, can do type of person.
      Please think on this--do you need my services soon or in the new year? Can you provide a deposit or advance so that I can stabilize our situation and GET BACK to WORK?

      I have lived in two foreclosure houses this year, moved suddenly, must move again immediately, and income/advances right now would solve a world of issues! Please consider these three questions, and assist me in any way you can right now--
      1. housing, or a referral to a friend for housing,
      2. a donation to my very worthy causes,
      3. an advance or deposit on work to be performed.

      BLESS YOU for your time and attention, I hope you have a merry holiday season and a truly light-filled New Year. May 2012 be the beginning of a whole new and beautiful beginning for our species and the planet we live upon. Onward, then, to a place called Planet Peace.

      Nancy Love

      "We are not only visitors on this Earth, here to take and use and exhaust its resources. We are The Guardians, the caretakers of this magnificent planet and we have a sacred responsibility to preserve and replenish its resources, even as we appreciate and cherish its incredible beauty."

      copyright by Nancy Love, from www.nancylove.net
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