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OT/ Rescuer Needs Advice/Desperate to find vet who will treat dogs for cancer before they die

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  • Pamela Silva
    I am posting this sort of a last, very desperate, plea for help in the form of advice or anything else anyone has to offer.  I have two dogs that were
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2011
      I am posting this sort of a last, very desperate, plea for help in the form of advice or anything else anyone has to offer.  I have two dogs that were diagnosed within months of each other, with two different types of terminal cancer.  Had the vet found the first girl's she could have been saved to live out her life peacefully, even though she is 13. and hers is hemangio sarcoma. No one will help Sugar. Financial aid will not consider dogs her age, and, just so you know, if your dog ever develops cancer, they want the whole thousands of dollars up front. All of it.  I could have paid for it.  I could pay it out. I would give anything, sell anything, I don't care.  But although I had to take a second dog, this time my vet missed the fact that an open wound that would not heal, that I kept taking her in for, that he operated on , and finally amputated a toe.  Then he does a biopsy and finds it is Mast Cell, and biopsied her lymph node to discover it has spread.  It has now spread up her leg. I am sure she will, or would, loose it, if I could pay for it.  So I was beyond upset when I discovered no one, and I do mean no one, would help me , work with me, nothing.  They finally offered to do home chemotherapy, which is pills, for Sugar, and who knows if that isdoing anything except asuaging my guilt.  And I have a mountains worth of guilt.
      I called universities, but Snow, the second dog, either does not qualify, or, they want half the total amount up front.
      I tried financial aid, but they are so strapped for money, and usually for whatever reason, they did not qualify.
      Worse than that, a woman executive, who did not identify herself, call me from The Pet Fund,she called me a hoarder and a few other things and told me that no charitiable organization would help me. 
      I have been in rescue for about 15 years ago. I have tried to save as many as I could.  Six years ago, I was laid off from the job that provided a good salary and enabled me to do this.  My husband still worked but it was very hard. We still had seventeen dogs and they are all the leftovers, all sick, or old. And I love them so much. They are my family.  I stayed home and took care of my ill mother who lived with us, and then she died. By then I was disabled Something else I  had not forseen. I was given disability and that is what I use to suppor them and myself.
      I explain all this because I am not asking for money. If you want to give it that would be great. But what I need is a vet who will help me and work with me.  Dr. Ken Cantrell is the last one I took Snow to. He was going to start her on a drug called Palladia.  It won't cure  her, nor save her. But at least, she would probably make it to be an old dog. Even if it is with three legs. They have had great results with it. However, it is over 800.00 every ten weeks of treatment, orally.  For as long as she lives. And you have to pay in advance. I no longer can because I am still paying off other cancer expenses.
      Just please, does any body know anyone,any dr, who could or would help me? I would do a fundraiser also, if I have someone to help me.There is no one in my area who will help me.
      I had one lady email me and tell me she uses a psyhcic on her animals with cancer. And the woman reportedly said the dogs all wanted to die, they didn't want help.  When I look at my dogs their eyes clearly say, mom, I'm sick, why can't you help me?
      How do I say, because I don't have enough money?
      Pamela Silva
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