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  • Darlynn Czerner
    Donations are to a 501(c)3 organization and tax deductible as such. Thanks for any support anyone is able to offer. Darlynn s Darlins Inc provides for over 200
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2011
      Donations are to a 501(c)3 organization and tax deductible as such. Thanks for any support anyone is able to offer. Darlynn's Darlins Inc provides for over 200 animals, mostly farm/exotic type but also dogs, cats, horse, rabbits in a completely No Kill Shelter Facility located in Central FL between Orlando and Tampa. We have no paid staff or employees. Regular volunteers are needed and welcome. Thanks very much for looking at our wish list and considering our shelter & needs for your gifts and support. Please call if you'd like to visit. I can be contacted via email; darlynn@....

      Would like to have privacy and/or board on board fencing around the perimeter of the animal area for security reasons but particularly on the north side where the neighbors' children have become troublesome throwing things at the animals over the [field] fence. We find broken bottles and hunks of glass in the animal areas. Used in reasonable condition would be just fine. Could disassemble and pick up.

      Also 4 x 4 posts, hog panel [for interior area divisions], and treated 2x6x16 lumber for bottom rails. Fence staples, 1.5", 3" nails, screws.

      Straw for winter bedding.

      55 Gallon Plastic Drums and 5 Gallon Square Plastic Buckets.

      Donations toward feed (Swine Feed and ProFormax Horse) made to Darlynn's Darlins account with Lakeland Nutrition. Speak to Aaron.

      We could certainly use a new[4 inch] well [and automatic watering] system. We are currently supplying water to 200+ animals over 4 acres and to our house from a 2 inch well with a 1 hp pump. It takes one minute and six seconds to fill a 5 gal bucket. You cannot imagine at that rate of flow how much time is required just to provide water to 200 animals in a completely manual [faucet and hose] situation. It requires a lot of time much better spent on other things. Also 3/4" hoses in 50' and 100' lengths.

      Hard plastic children's turtle sandboxes that we use for pools for the little potbellies or large hard plastic pools for the bigger FFA and American Heritage rescues.

      A working transmission for a Craftsman Riding Lawnmower, model# 917.270670, or another riding lawnmower.

      Donations to our outstanding vet bills could be made to Viscaya Prado Veterinary Hospital in Cape Coral, FL. For the advantage of a tax deduction to a 501(c)3 charitable organization, one could make their check payable to Darlynn's Darlins Inc, notated for vet bills. Visit the web site at www.darlynnsdarlins.org or contact me directly for mailing address.

      Clean fill dirt or sand. Farm type animals are extremely hard on the ground and in a sandy area such as ours, the sand simply blows away. Of course a certain amount is lost in clean up procedures. The huge beautiful oaks, which provide shade for the animals are at risk if we cannot replace some of the dirt in the areas around them.

      Towels, blankets, comforters for dogs, cats, and compromised animals.

      Fruit Trees to Plant in various areas to supplement feed cost.

      Shovels, round & flat, rakes, long handled brushes (toilet bowl type).

      Financial donations can also be made directly to Darlynn's Darlins Inc., and if notated for particular projects, will be used toward that project.

      Thanks again for your consideration and Happy Holidays to all.
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