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Needed: Little girl dog needs help

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  • smauck@frontiernet.net
    Please pass this on to anyone you think might be able to make a donation and help this poor girl out.  Melissa at the PIGS Animal Sanctuary is a close friend
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      Please pass this on to anyone you think might be able to make a donation and help this poor girl out.  Melissa at the PIGS Animal Sanctuary is a close friend of mine and I was out with Animal Control looking for this poor dog the night before they were finally able to find her.  She's so pathetic but sweet, loving and friendly, despite all that she's been through.  I know finances are tight for all of us but every little bit helps.  Melissa did me a HUGE favor by stepping up and taking this girl into her sanctuary despite the fact that she has had more intakes then usual over the past few months.  She has a place to stay for life; now we just have to get her patched up and healthy.


      Secure donations can be made at www.pigs.org or you can mail a check to the address at the bottom of the email.


      Thank you!



      Happy Whiskers Animal Assistance, Inc.

      Kearneysville, WV



      PIGS a Sanctuary  |  1112 Persimmon Lane  |  Shepherdstown, WV 25443-9741

      Telephone/Fax: (304) 262-0080                       FarmManager@...                       www.pigs.org



      Sometimes, it takes a village to save a life!

      This is one of those times!

      Towards the end of last week we began to see Facebook posts of pleas to help an emaciated senior Pit bull in our own backyard. Our local Animal Control responded to a call about a stray "sickly" looking dog that was dumped by the river and kept getting into trash cans. Even the seasoned animal control officer was shocked to see the condition of this little old gal. A walking skeleton is how she described her, with an abscessed wound on her shoulder; her teeth were ground to her gums and no use of her right rear leg. If a rescue group didn`t step up soon the dog would be euthanized Monday morning.

      We waited to see if a rescue group or person would step up for this dog, but no one did. We made the mistake of stopping by the facility Sunday afternoon to check on her. Thinking we could turn her away because donations are down, we are so full and our vet bill is already too high.

      But did all of these reasons deter us? No way!! Turns out it`s not so easy to say no in person! Especially when our little walking skeleton started happily hopping on three legs towards me to give kisses. Especially when our Elderbull has soulful eyes, with the most-gentle soul filled with a lively spirit and that look of wisdom that only comes with age. And above all else, when we know that if we didn`t step in, she would be euthanized in the morning never knowing tender loving care, the touch of gentle hands or a warm cozy bed to sleep in!

      We brought her to the sanctuary and set her up on a comfy soft bed in our isolation facility until we could get her in to see our veterinarian in the morning.

      After our veterinarian finished shaking his head he began the daunting task of giving her a complete physical exam and work-up. He believes that this poor girl was used as a bait dog, but wherever she came from or whatever her story was- it is one of the worst case of neglect we have ever witnessed firsthand. The good news is that she has a very good prognosis! Weighing in at a mere thirty-five pounds - she is severely emaciated from starvation. He immediately removed the abscessed-oozing wound and put in a drainage tube. And her leg is dangly because her hip bone is disconnected from the socket - by the callous-laden foot, it appears to have been that way for quite some time. She needs to gain some weight and muscle back before we can contemplate orthopedic surgery. At this point, we do not know if the leg can be saved by doing a procedure called a Femoral Head Osectomy (FHO) or if we will need to amputate the leg. Our vet gave us an estimate of $2,000.00 to get her immediate medical needs taken care of. On top of that, our Elderbull needs to be spayed, vaccinated, tested for routine issues, microchipped, and dewormed which could easily run another $500.00! And we won`t even list the special food we will feed her to get her eating again, the supplements and the endless hours of nursing her wounds and TLC care or the fact that a senior Pit bull most likely will not be adopted, so she will become a "lifer" here at the sanctuary!

      So friends, today we turn to you. Has your own dog found redemption and love in your arms as a result of the generosity of others? This is your chance to pay it forward. No donation is too small (or too large!). Give until it hurts! And remember a pinch to your wallet is nothing compared to the pain that she had endured and still must overcome. There is no question that your contribution will be helping to save the life of this amazing dog that we named...Amazing Grace!

      Donations can be made securely on-line via our website www.pigs.org
      or you can mail a check to:

      PIGS Animal Sanctuary
      1112 Persimmon Lane
      Shepherdstown, WV 25443

      Please help us spread the word about Grace
      and cross-post to all of your family and friends!


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