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OT for some/CATS:My WEEKEND of H-E-Double L

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  • Weeping Willow
    THANK YOU my dear friend for the Kennel!!!!!!!!! I started this out as a letter to my generious supporter who is sending me a kennel but once I got started I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2011
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      THANK YOU my dear friend for the Kennel!!!!!!!!! I started this out as a letter to my generious supporter who is sending me a kennel but once I got started I realized EVERYONE should be aware of the kind of treatment(s) me and the cats are getting out here, so PLEASE CROSS-POST IF NEED BE--I AM IN SERIOUS NEED OF HELP!!
      Last night at 6pm I trapped the MAIN "babies-daddy"  and he also happens to be the "MAIN TARGET" of the cat-killers out here too...so I could have him ready, for the Humane Society TNR appointment scheduled for this morning. Needless to say did not get much sleep with the cats yowling and fighting to get outside, but I felt I was doing it for his own good as well as the good of the feral females and colonies out here...so to say my night went bad was putting it lightly BUT it's the morning that really has me at wits end. Please read on~
      I just got bit by a feral I trapped (by hand and towel~can you say S-T-U-P-I-E-D!) because an IDIOT at the HS told me to bring him in "Monday at 7 sharp!" and guess what--with no cage/kennel I trapped him by hand and this morning drove him to the HS at 6am arrived right at 7...the entire place dark and empty...the cat spazzed and bite me in the chest right above my heart (I have a terminal lung illness-but don't share it because don't want pity or people to misunderstand my asking for help for these cats) so off to the doctors I go but to finish my "story".
      I finally track down a maintenance guy and he locates an employee and the employee tells me that "NO! We're not doing any surgeries today and sorry we can't help you" while the cat jumps out of the towel and runs into (TG!) an empty receiving room where he proceeds to try to climb the walls and almost knock himself silly trying to go through the plate glass window. A few hair-raising minutes later he is in a cage, they "loaned" me and with instructions to "fill out these forms and bring him back WEDNESDAY!"
      Soooo he's in a cage, almost catatonic and huddling albeit safe for now, while I head to the doctors for a rabies consultation and checkup on my chest. And the days JUST BEGAN!
      Yesterday was no better; three men shooting at the cats with air pellets, a verbal confrontation with the cat-attacking-dog's owner while on my own balcony no less and he's on the ground with his dog trying to attack a cat in some bushes (I believe heart and soul that had I not been present on the balcony at that time, the dog would have attacked the cat because he would have let it *crying*), Saturday I rescued a kitten thrown from a truck into the busy side street of a mall as she ran full speed towards the freeway and sure death, rushed her to the closest animal shelter which happen to be the HS, only to be told "Sorry, no strays are being taken in now" WHAT?!  I thought that's what a HS DID! TAKE IN STRAYS!! A few more "I'm sorry's" and then they told me "well-you can always take her back to where you got her and drop back off! I gave up literally.
      Better that, then suffer a heart-attack in anger, so now I have an 8 week old injured kitten here as well....*sigh*....the week before I got into it verbally with the same girl who initially had her dog attacking cats, and know what I got for my efforts in defending the cats--my tires slashed and pellet riddled *crying* and a "nothing we can do without proof or a police report" from management.
      I still can't seem to get the help of the city or the organizations here...so pray tell, what now?
      Well off to the doctors and hopefully no rabies shots like he threatened last time a feral I trapped bite me, which was just in November *sigh*.
      Thank you again for your support it will help more then you'll ever realize and save more then just cats lives--most likely mine too.
      WW >^..^<

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