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Update at Skye's Spirit Wildlife Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    Good morning everyone! Just wanted to make a quick update. Our friends at Cash for Critters are in 14th place for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. We need more
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2010
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      Good morning everyone!  Just wanted to make a quick update.  Our friends at Cash for Critters are in 14th place for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.  We need more people to vote every day and tell everyone else to vote daily too.  I’ve been asked several times about why it says “ohio” when people log in to vote.  Jeff & Dee Hynes who support our center so very much, live in Ohio but help us here.  They started Cash for Critters when they themselves could no longer afford to rehabilitate wildlife.  Understanding the huge costs involved in this type of effort, they started Cash for Critters, a non profit organization that is dedicated to helping centers like ours with funding so that we can continue to help the wildlife.  PLEASE help by voting!  If they win the grant, we receive funding that we so desperately need right now.  So, you can log on to http://www.refresheverything.com/cashforcritters make a username and password and vote daily AND you can text your vote!  Send 100253 to 73774.  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO’S VOTING.. WE ARE CURRENTLY IN 14TH PLACE AND NEED TO BE IN THE TOP 10 TO BE AWARDED FUNDING!!!


      WE HAVE 39 DAYS LEFT FOR OUR DOUBLE DONATIONS CHALLENGE.  Thanks to a dear friend Susan in Erie for writing a wonderful story for us in the Erie Paper…she helped raise a little over $2,400!!!!!  Wooo Hooo.  We are well on our way to our goal of $10,000 but we still need a lot of help!!  PLEASE, make your contribution today either online at our website, www.skyes-spirit.com or by mailing to the address below.  I thank you all so very much for coming to the aid of the wildlife.  If it wasn’t for all of you that contribute, we wouldn’t be able to keep this going.  We love you all!!!


      11-12-10_1931.jpgI do have a sad story…we got in a beautiful juvenile bald eagle last weekend however her injuries were very old and we were not able to save her.  I still wanted to show you all her photo to honor her and to pray that she’s flying free in her spirit world now!  I so wish I could have saved her but we believe she struck a high tension power line breaking her wing.  With the bone exposed for over a week it had dried and was not viable..she was also on the verge of starvation.  Had she been found earlier, her prognosis would have been better.  She was found along the river in East Brady where there aren’t many people.  She isn’t hurting anymore.  A huge thanks to Dr. Diane Shawgo at Franklin Animal Hospital for trying!!!


      I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Please feel free to forward this on to anyone on your lists!





      Love and light,

      Maryjane & Robert Angelo

      Skye's Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


      889 Farren Surrena Road

      Harrisville, PA  16038

      ***“Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a non profit center dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and release of inured and orphaned wildlife. We are currently having a very serious problem with funding in this economy and are in desperate need of contributions to keep this center open and running for wildlife.  We are looking for people to pledge their support to the animals!  Your monthly contribution of even $5 combined with others that pledge will go a long way to helping these beautiful animals get the care they need.  Please pledge today and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to pledge their help as well.  We can all make a HUGE difference by joining together to help wildlife.

      Please visit this page: http://www.skyes-spirit.com/index_files/pledge.htm to set up your monthly contribution!  THANKS!!!!!


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