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Insulin to be Given Away

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  • WrenYorkieRescue@aol.com
    I ve recently been contacted by a gentleman in Carmichael California who has two unopened bottles of insulin and a new opened bottle with only 1 dose used
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2009
      I've recently been contacted by a gentleman in Carmichael California who has two unopened bottles of insulin and a new opened bottle with only 1 dose used before his Yorkie companion passed on.  If you are local and could pick up that would be preferred, so avoid possibile damage to the drugs by bounding around during shipping.  His email is PAKTC10@....

       Robyn Lee Dondero-Wren
      Yorkie Rescue - East San Francisco Bay Area & Northern California
      510 610-0291 cell

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      Help Needed For An In Home Rescue Land O Lakes,FL

      Posted by: "Darlene" abbey8364@...   abbey8364

      Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:15 pm (PDT)

      Hello Everyone,
      I do an in home rescue, run a local group Tampabay_Fl. _Pet-Adoptions & Dog Lovers of Florida. I currently have 7 dogs & 7 cats, all but 2 are seniors. I pay out of pocket for the shots, spay/neuter & microchip but ask for nothing in return, just a Good Home. I lost my job in Aug. & I have now spent my savings! The county is on me to get 5 up to date on shots & get a county tag. I get the shots done at a low cost/non-profit clinic for $40.00 ea. I take them out of my county because my county offers no low cost clinics & they are a Kill County as well. I have to take the shot records to them & pay $10.00 a dog to get a Tag, if I do not they fine me!
      I know times are tuff but if anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have a Paypal account, it's my email address.
      Thanks In Advance,
      Email at: abbey8364@yahoo. com


      Wanted Help: Vet Bills or Pet Food

      Posted by: "santo.joanne" santo.joanne@...   santo.joanne

      Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:17 pm (PDT)

      I have 3 dogs and 5cats. They range from 2yr to 19yrs of age.
      Right now I do work 3jobs to support all of my kids(my pets). Which I would do in a heart beat for them. My cat Annie suffers from a bacterial sinus infection not sure of the medical name for it but it was either a opperation at Gainsville or this new anit-biotic injection called Convenia she gets this every two weeks and I can see a differecne in her of course she still has bad days but at least she has more good ones. I feed her the strained meat baby food plus her cat food she has put on 3lbs. which is great but of course the baby food costs is .99cents a jar and I feed her 2 a day any help with this would be greatly appricated or with the vet bills.
      My next one is my dog Scooby-Doo he has not a common wort but the kind that I had to send for medication to put on Aldara Cream. Which is very costly but we had to get them removed by laser surgery. He got them after I had a house fire. They poped up two weeks later now him and his "Brother"Timmy had a fight about 2weeks ago and four days later poped up again. I am also trying to find something to help his immune system to build up if you have any thing please let me no. I had found some herbal cap.but they were very costly. He is 95lbs. But he will have the so called wort removed on Mon. Any kind of help would be very welcomed.
      The vet told me if there is anything out there that is not a common illness my pets seem to get them.
      I am new at this and have never asked for help before so not sure how to do this. But anything would be a help.
      Sorry my spelling is not to good either don't no were the spell check button is.

      Joanne and The Gang
      Email at: santo.joanne@ yahoo.com


      Wanted: Purina weight circles needed!

      Posted by: "n56083" flypiper@...   n56083

      Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:18 pm (PDT)

      Good morning!

      We are running a Spring supply run for LABRN in April, and are looking for Purina dry food weight circles (from the top of the bags) . We can turn them in for coupons to offset the cost of food.

      Please send the weight circles to:

      Linda Schroeder

      384 Glen Road

      Sparta, NJ 07871

      Email at: flypiper@juno. com


      Wanted:  feeding help/food needed/tampabay,florida

      Posted by: "smokeyalb" smokeyalb@...   smokeyalb

      Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:20 pm (PDT)

      looking for feeding help 1-2 nights a week for the hudson,florida area. involves 2 cat colonies. 1 small, and 1 large. the small colony take about 10 minutes , and the large colony takes about a half hour or so. due to me being out of work for over a year, i cannot afford the food any longer. if you can't feed, then maybe you would be willing to donate some food (dry, canned both or either would help)
      please e-mail me: smokeyalb@yahoo. com, or call 727 859-2208. thank you!


      Maybe I should clarify about the cookbooks....For FREE.

      Posted by: "Diz" hwcrazyru@...   hwcrazyru

      Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:20 pm (PDT)

      If you read my other post, I was needing ideas and thoughts about the cookbook. I also meant that I was offering the book FREE to anyone who'd be interested in having them for fundraising. I just wanted a bit of help( ie- recipes, notes for the book, stories. etc..) Not money. I was offering the book for Free to all the rescues.

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