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Emergency Vetting Needed Louisville, KY

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  • Jim or Bev McChesney
    I forgot to say this can be crossposted. ... From: Jim or Bev McChesney Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 10:02 PM Subject: Emergency Vetting Needed Louisville,
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      I forgot to say this can be crossposted.
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      Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 10:02 PM
      Subject: Emergency Vetting Needed Louisville, KY

      Friends, the 'chip in' below is to raise funds for a number of dogs to get vetted and to safe rescue.  These dogs came to a URKY friend in an unorthodox manner.  They were unsocialized, on the end of chains with chains and padlocks around their necks that were smaller than their necks.  One was trouble to get off the dog, it was so tight.  These dogs were being raised for not good things, unloved, unsocialized, unfed, unvetted....now they are on their way to rescue!  All are under 18 mos old, all males....all being raised for a very dangerous and illegal future (one has battle scars).  A good soul has worked for weeks to talk this owner out of the dogs.  Now she has the dogs, she has another good soul who will pay for their neuters.  I am trying to raise funds for her to get them vetted and to pay the gas for their transport to an approved rescue.  Thank you for any help.  You can donate at the 'chip in' below, by going to www.urky.org and hit the 'donate' button, or by mailing a check to URKY, 1708 Houndstooth Glen, Lexington, KY  40515   If more funds are raised than are needed, they will go to the URKY vetting fund.  Thank you.

      Look at the chain,  this was around the neck of the dog in the picture, it was padlocked!!!!
      NO LOVE (dog in pic) has a neck diameter of 21 inches.  The chain in the picture is ONLY 18 inchs in diameter...these poor dogs had been living with chains padlocked around necks...this one was 3 inches smaller than his neck!!!!  These dogs have only been fed by the neighbor tossing food to them. 
      I have a angel who is going to hold 3 of them until Tuesday when they are to be fixed.  I'm some how going to keep the others at my house.. 
      My dilemma now is, I have no funds for the shots, HW test and gas money for the transporter.  The person transporting is only asking for gas money, she will donate the drive time.
      If you can find ANY way to help out with this please let me know.  I am really in a tight spot on this one since being 'downsized'. 
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