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Re: [AnimalWishList] My Binky, Poodle/Terrier Mix Died Suddenly on Sat. at 6:15 am

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    Prayers just don t seem like enough right now. I can imagine your loss. Hopefully people here, your friends & family will be willing to donate to help you have
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2008
      Prayers just don't seem like enough right now.
      I can imagine your loss.

      Hopefully people here, your friends & family will be willing to donate to
      help you have Binky cremated.....I was able to have this last wish of mine
      answered and its sort of helped to ease the pain.

      Sort of as I'm still trying to get use to not having my sr. dog with me

      Pet Angel sounds like a wonderful facility to have available, I just had a
      vet's office....still on the cold side.

      I am unable to donate anything right now(we are struggling financially), but
      hope you can get some donations for Binky.

      Prayers & hugs are on the wind for your loss

      Alli :(
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      > Hello Everybody: I wanted to let all of you know that Binky died
      > yesterday morning at approximately 6:15 am. He had a severe case of
      > Immune Mediated Anemia with possible Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia,
      > which are blood diseases that caused his white blood cells to attack
      > the red blood cells. I am having an extremely difficult time over
      > this, since it happened so suddenly, with no warning, and I miss him
      > soooooooo very much. We had been at the park on Friday night, and for
      > the first time ever since I rescued him 6 years ago, I let go of his
      > 15' leash and let him play with Murphy, a Golden Retriever, 11 month-
      > old 110 pound puppy. They were having so much fun chasing each other
      > and running around. Then, we came into my apartment and I was fixing
      > dinner for me and Binky and Angel and Binky went into the bathroom as
      > usual. I called him for dinner and he wouldn't come in to eat. I
      > went to get him to show him what I had for dinner and Binky still
      > wouldn't eat, and just laid on the kitchen floor. Then, after Angel
      > and I ate, Binky jumped up on the couch and sat in the spot that I
      > always sit on and curled up in a ball. I sat down with him and he was
      > so mellow and loving, and was curled up and put his little head in my
      > lap while he lay next to me. He was really hot and generated so much
      > heat I was sweating. (I thought maybe his bladder infection came
      > back). I just rubbed his little tummy and under his ears as he put
      > his head in my lap for a whole hour. Then, he got down and went to
      > lay in my bed in the bedroom. About an hour later, I called to him
      > to take him out to go potty and he wouldn't come. I then yelled for
      > him to come as the top of my lungs, and he still wouldn't come, so I
      > went into the bedroom and took his leash and collar in to put on him.
      > I took him outside to potty and we crossed my street and he peed then
      > collapsed in the cold, wet grass. I thought he was just laying down
      > because of how hot he was, and got him up and we started to come back
      > inside, then he fell down in the cold, wet grass again, and I was
      > able to get him up and back inside and he just collapsed on the
      > floor. I felt him and he was really hot and I got a lukewarm
      > washcloth and dabbed it on his tummy while I made some calls and got
      > him to the Castleton Animal Emergency Clinic. Binky couldn't walk, I
      > had to carry him from my apartment to my car. Then, the vet tech
      > carried him inside the clinic when we got there. The vet started
      > examining him and she found his gums to be pure light gray, almost
      > bright white, very serious, and ran the blood work on him to confirm
      > her suspicion of this disease. They had to put him in an incubator,
      > hook him up to oxygen, and attach him up to IV fluids, that is how
      > sick he was, and I had no clue. Baby Binky had no chance of
      > surviving this. All of you know I don't have any money, and the vet
      > said even if I would have had $5,000 to $10,000, there was no
      > guarantee he would have survived. She said 25% to 50% of dogs with
      > thses conditions do not survive, and that it just hit with no warning
      > whatsoever as it did with Binky. Binky is at Pet Angel to be
      > cremated, and that will cost $295, so if anyone would like to please
      > make a donation to help with this, please let me know. I would be
      > forever grateful for any amount. Pet Angel came to pick him up from
      > the clinic and take him back to their memorial center and they called
      > me to ask me if I wanted to come and spend some time with him and to
      > bring Angel, my pug, over to visit with him. So, I brought Angel in
      > and my friend, Dan, met me over there and we sat and visited with
      > Binky in the casket. It was heartbreaking and I cried my heart out.
      > Angel was crying, so I put her in the casket with Binky and she
      > kissed his little head, and literally laid across his body and I
      > started balling my eyes out. It was heartwarming and extremely sad,
      > and poor little Angel started crying more. She knew he was dead and
      > it broke our hearts. Please pray for me as I am having an extremely
      > difficult time handling this. You know I just lost my best friend,
      > Kelcy, in December 2007, and her pugs, Abby and Alex, and lost
      > Charlie in 2005, and now losing Binky, and it is a huge loss for me
      > to deal with, so please keep me in your prayers. Thanks so much.
      > Vicky and Angel (my Pug)
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