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Urgent! Austin, TX - transport to Oregon - Or homes for 2 adult cats

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  • Tiffany J. Lane
    It breaks my heart to have to do this but my partner and I have been struggling in Austin,TX to find work and basic survival needs since we moved here a year
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2007
      It breaks my heart to have to do this but my partner and I have been struggling in Austin,TX to find work and basic survival needs since we moved here a year ago from the issues with all the Hurricanes in South Florida... Now a year later, he got a job offer in Portland, Oregon and we are set to move there sometime in mid-September, the catch is that we don't have the funds to move ourselves and the new boss isn't wanting to pay to fly/transport our 2 wonderful cats, let alone help pay for the security deposit that most places require while having a pet. So for the best interest of my cats if I can't find a transport/way to take them, I am most likely in need of a loving home for them to go to instead.
      Max is about 4yrs old, solid black long haired male (fixed), he came to me with no front claws, is very personible, loves people,children & animals as long as they aren't too loud or aggressive around him. Max adopted me in 2003 when he followed me home from checking my postal mail and ever since he's been a bit of a lap kitty, he loves sleeping in the bed with you and would also love another furry friend/cat/dog to play with and keep him company when you are out.
      I do have plenty of pictures of Max as well as a digital camera to take whatever pics you'd like if needed.
      Sammy is the youngster, I've had him since 2005 when his owners had told me they were going to drop him off in the woods somewhere instead of taking him with them on their move. He's about 2years old, mostly tiger striped (grey & white) with white paws, nose and belly... he still has lots of energy, he likes to play fetch with his little mouse and is a tad skittish do to being abused in a former home when he was just a kitten, he will hide when there's loud noises or new people but warms up right away and usually comes when called. They both like their treats first thing in the morning and play well together, I'd love to see them go together but as long as there are other animals and/or people to keep them company I'm sure they'll adjust just fine.
      Both cats are IN-DOOR ONLY, Sammy has never been outside and Max is partially declawed, they are NOT use to TX heat or really cold temp, I would not want them to have to fend for themselves outside, they are not use to having to catch their food, infact they don't generally eat wet food unless it's a little bit of Tuna now and  then.
      They each have their own cat carrier, toys and I have another littler box in storage that I can give you. They both have paperwork, they do need some shots comming up but have been fixed and have their basic shots. I also have a leach/harness for both of them too and some catnip... I'll give you whatever supplies you need.
      I'm also asking for a small donation but really that is more to ensure that these cats find loving homes and are never subjected horrible animal testing or used as bait in dog fighting rings or something... that is totally unacceptible and I'd never want them to have to endure that kind of treatment, these are NOT ferral animals, they are house pets and I'd like for them to remain that way. Please contact me with any questions you might have, take care
      Tiffany - yellowfeather1976@...
      home: 512.372.8890

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