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Jaxie at Beebe Humane Society Donation Plea-Kahne's Fund for Brain Surgery

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  • JE McManus
    This urgent plea for Kahne s medical donations is sponsored by the Beebe Humane Society on behalf of adopters Steve and Jean Dringus. Kahne has water on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2007
      This urgent plea for Kahne's medical donations is sponsored by the Beebe Humane Society on behalf of adopters Steve and Jean Dringus. Kahne has water on the brain that the result of a quadrigeminal cyst. Kahne's surgery is intensive and expensive. These adopters desperately need donations to cover medical costs.
      Kahne first arrived at the Beebe Humane Society, located in Beebe , AR , as a 10 week old stray with his brother Holiday . Prior to his adoption, Kahne received medication for an ear infection.  After he recovered, he became an official member of Steve and Jean Dringus' family.  Shortly after his adoption, Kahne's infection recurred. Kahne's family began to notice that something was wrong with his equilibrium. Every time Kahne looked up or tried to turn around, he fell over. The adopter's veterinarian thought he had an inner ear infection and put him on additional antibiotics. Kahne was kept on the medicine for a couple months. He showed signs of improvement but never seemed to completely recover.
      Kahne's doctor escalated his initial assessment by ordering x-rays of the pups skull. The results showed no evidence of an ear infection, and so Kahne was referred to neurologist, Dr. Glass. Kahne's MRI results revealed he had water on the brain from a cyst. Dr. Glass explained he was probably born with the condition and recommended surgery. The MRI specifically revealed a quadrigeminal cyst compressing the underlying cerebellum; there is also moderate ventriculomegaly.
      The necessary surgery will help Kahne to lead a normal life but it is expensive (estimated cost between $3,000 and $4,000). Though he plays and acts like a normal puppy, his adoptive family has to be exceptionally careful with him to prevent him from injury. When he is around stairs or on the bed, he will fall over. Walks prove to be difficult too. Recently, Kahne crossing a low bridge over water and he fell in! He just lost his balance when trying to turn around. He bumps his head a lot and falls over when he plays and when he is sleepy. Kahne is a great dog that brings an abundance of joy to his family.
      They love him dearly and only wish for him to have a
      normal and happy life.
      At this time, donations for Kahne's surgery are needed.
      No amount is too small.
      Please help this family provide Kahne with the life and
      future he deserves.
      For more information, contact Jaxie at Beebe Humane Society.
      Donations by PayPal welcomed.
      Please reference Kahne's Fund in the comment section of your Paypal donation
      PayPal ID is the same as the e-mail address!
      Thank you for any support you can provide!
      A high resolution, printable version of this donation plea is attached to this e-mail
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