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OHIO - THE STORY OF A Pug NAMED UGLY - needs adopting or donations for care

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      Ug is the most loving and warm natured dog you could ever meet.  He is full of hugs and kisses, despite years of abuse and neglect in the hands of his owner.
      A normal Pug does not weigh 13 pounds... that says it all... Malnourished, flea infested, blind, loaded with worms, bacterial infections all over  and rotten teeth yet he is the happiest dog in world just to get held for 5 minutes! 
      Ug came into rescue on 8-3-06.  His owner was placed in a nursing care facility, and when the estranged daughter went into his home this is what she found.  The owner named this poor dog "Ugly" Ug for short.  The sad part is after years of being called Ugly, he knows his name.  We were told Ug probably  suffered years of abuse and neglect at the hands of his owner.  He was so flea infested, that he could not even grow hair on parts of his body.  He has anemia and a bacterial infection on his body and in his ears.   Ug went to the vet  just prior to coming to Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary, and is now on antibiotics and has anti-fungal shampoo for baths.  He has antibiotic eye ointment and ear medication for a fungus infection.  Ug had blood work and done along with a heart worm check which is NEG.  Ug even had the pressure checked in his eyes and it was found to be normal. Ug is blind but he sure can hear!   We are going to treat the bacterial skin infection and then assess the situation in his mouth.  The bottom of poor Ug's lip seems to be missing and he drools as the tip of his tongue sticks out.  We were told he may have been kicked in the face. Ug has a heart mummer and arthritis.   Almost all of Ug's teeth are rotten and when the vet thinks he is physically ready to have a dental done he will be scheduled.  The e-mail requesting us to take Ug was a desperate plea from a concerned family member who said she didn't want to put him to sleep if he could find some peace and happiness after all the years of abuse he endured.  Well, Ug is in his new retirement home and he is the most  lovable and good natured dog in the world!  Ug will have a home with us for ever but he is up for adoption if you have it your heart to help this wonderful and  loving  dog out. 
      If you can not adopt a dog like this with special needs please consider making a donation for the extensive dental work he is going to need in the next few weeks. 
      Please send donations to :
      Avon Lake Animal Clinic c/o Ug.
      124 Miller Rd.
      Avon Lake, OH  44012
      Thank you
      We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces.
      It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. 
      We are Rescue.

      www.saintfrancisani malsanctuary. org

      www.petfinder. com ( OH556 )

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