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PAWS July 2006 E-NewsLetter

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  • nilesh@pawsasia.org
    PAWS July 2006 Newsletter By Brinda Upadhyaya 1. From the desk of Hon Gen. Secretary 2. Best Volunteer Award for the Quarter I & II 3. PAWS on
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      PAWS July 2006 Newsletter
      By Brinda Upadhyaya

      1. From the desk of Hon Gen. Secretary
      2. Best Volunteer Award for the Quarter I & II
      3. PAWS on Net
      4. Donkey Vaccination Camp by PAWS & Thane SPCA
      5. PAWS Mumbai Wins Award for Wildlife
      6. Nagpanchmi Festival – No Snake Charming
      7. Awareness Program for School by PAWS Volunteers
      8. First Tips for Stray Animals
      9. Vegan Recipe
      10. Appeal for Funds



      Dear All,

      I am happy to inform you that due to our consistent efforts to vaccinate
      and treat donkeys in camps over the last few years, this year there have
      been no cases of donkeys suffering from dehydration and stiffness in the
      monsoons. We’ve been taking them in our ambualnce and also treating them
      in several camps.This has certainly benefitted them a lot. We at PAWS
      intend to do more camps in local areas.

      The appeal in our E-mail newsletter fetched us Some donation that saw
      us through a month. We have neither our own office,
      website, nor hospital. We don’t have foreign funding, nor do any foreign
      magazines publish our work. We can’t pay huge salaries nor do we have
      corpus fund.Yet, PAWS Mumbai and Thane received the award from Karmayog
      Site for our‘Outsanding Service to the Society’.

      We are a small group of animal lovers driven by the love & care for our four
      legged, feathered and scaled friends. Our main strength lies in our
      dedicated young volunteers and committed supporters across India and we
      are thankful for this amazing group of animal loving people who always
      stand by us.

      Yours for Animals,
      Nilesh Bhanage



      We are happy and proud to announce that the Best Volunteer Award goes to
      19 year old Kunal Chheda who feeds & looks after all stray dogs outside
      the Cyber café he runs in the area. He is associated with PAWS since the
      age of fifteen years and also volunteers with other organizations and
      attends to stray animal emergencies He helps us to raise funds for PAWS
      and never misses any of our events.
      We are proud of him and consider him a real asset. Sonali Bagde (23) and
      Shiv-Prasad Phadke(22)have won this Award in the past.


      3.PAWS ON NET:

      PAWS secretary’s quote was taken by Thane Plus supplement by Times of
      India – India’s leading newspaper.


      Also read Snkae Rescue story :-



      Sonali Bagde organized a donkey vaccination campaign in the city on 22nd
      July 2006. Dr. Datta Raje and Dr.Shweta vaccinated all the donkeys. Our
      volunteers comprising Sonali, Kunal, Sherlyn, Kishore, Anuradha & Nilesh
      participated in the camp working hard despite relentless rain.



      We lile to proudly repeat that PAWS Mumbai team received The NON-PROFIT OF
      THE MONTH AWARD from the Karmyog website in March 2006. PAWS is specially
      proud of the efforts of 23 year old Sunish Subramanian who is doing
      wonderful work under PAWS banner.We also thank all the PAWS Mumbai
      Trustees Fizzah Shah, Leena Chaudhary, Nandita Shah for their constant
      encouragement and support.


      6. We are happy to announce that NAGPANCHMI FESTIVAL this year was
      celebrated without using live snakes as people are aware of the torture
      snakes go through by hands of snake charmers. Now devotees worship clay
      idols and celebrate in a cruelty free manner.

      See attached link.


      Anuradha Ramaswamy – 9869376238
      Nilesh Bhanage - 9820161114
      Vishal Kantharia - 9861566127


      PAWS Volunteers Sonali Bagde along with volunteers Kunal Chheda, Anahita
      Kumar, Vishal Kanthria, Lekha Lodaya, Mousumi Mehendale organized a 3 Day
      Educational & Awareness program on snakes at the ‘Lokpriya School’ in
      Navapada Road, Dombivli. Vishal gave his expert presentation on snakes
      while Sonali showed PETA’s Compassionate Citizen CD to students. PAWS has
      kept up its objective of creating awarenes on animal rights through
      educational programs.

      8. First Hand Tips for stray animals:

      Skin ailments , rashes and hair fall etc. in stray animals can be easily
      treated by simple home remedies – Take some Neem leaves, a pinch of
      saffron & a little coconut oil and crush together in a mixer.. Apply on
      affected skin area twice a day. After 5 days of treatment the animal will
      show remarkable improvement.



      Corn-Quinoa Medley

      The increase in heat brings fresher options for meals. Although many
      people prefer to eat grains during the colder months, quinoa is a light
      grain that combines well with cold dishes or vegetables plates, making it
      an ideal source of summertime nutrition. In addition to great taste, corn
      provides vitamins b& c and many minerals for nutritional balance. You can
      prepare this easy main dish with rich quinoa and versatile corn for a
      tasty, nutrient-rich meal.


      6 cups water
      3 cups quinoa, well rinsed
      1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
      1 cup red pepper, destemmed, deseeded, and diced
      1 cup orange pepper, destemmed, deseeded, and diced
      1/4 cup olive oil, divided
      2 cups cut corn
      2 Tbs. garlic, minced
      1 cup green onions, sliced
      1/2 cup black olives, sliced
      1/4 cup freshly parsley, chopped
      1/4 cup lemon juice
      2 tsp. salt
      1/2 tsp. pepper

      In a saucepan, place the water and bring to a boil. Add the quinoa, cover,
      reduce the heat to very low, and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until tender;
      drain off excess water, transfer to a bowl, and fluff with a fork.
      In a lightly greased pan, cook pumpkin seeds over medium heat for 3-4
      minutes. Transfer toasted pumpkin seeds to a bowl and set aside. In the
      same skillet, saute red and orange pepper in 1 Tsp. olive oil, for 3
      minutes; add corn and garlic, and saute an additional 3 minutes; add green
      onions and saute for 1 minute; add sauted vegetables, reserved pumpkin
      seeds, and remaining ingredients to quinoa.

      Toss well to combine and Serve warm. Makes 10 cups.



      Your small contribution would make a big difference!

      With two ambulances, 40 volunteers and two staff members and being in
      possession of an entire animal rescue gear and medical kit, PAWS works
      tirelessly under the leadership of young Mr. Nilesh Bhanage & Ms.
      Anuradha Ramaswami. Anyone wishing to become a volunteer of PAWS or
      wanting to donate may call Mr.Nilesh on 9820161114 or send e mail at

      Donation Cheques / DD's can be drawn in the name of 'Plant & Animals
      Welfare Society'
      on below Address:

      A-14, Savitri Sadan,
      Dr. Mukharhji Road,
      Dombivli (East) 421201,

      A registerd NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt for all your donations at
      the earliest.

      For Direct transfer to PAWS accounts please e-mail us on
      anuradha@... or nilesh@...

      Thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.


      Plant & Animals Welfare Society - PAWS is....

      *Member Society of WSPA - World Society for Protection of Animals

      *Associated with IOAP - International Organization for Animal Protection.

      *Associated with RSPCA - UK.

      *Registered under the Society's Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with
      registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001.

      *Registered with the Charity Commissioner vide certificate dated 11th

      *Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the
      Income Tax Act 1961, as per Certificate no.
      THN/CIT-III/J&T/Trust/185/2002-03 dated May 01, 2002 and valid up to 31st
      March 2004.

      *Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter
      dated May 01, 20 . Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002-03.

      *Recognized by 'Animal Welfare Board of India', Ministry of Forests &
      Environment, GOVT OF INDIA.

      *Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.

      *Permanent Account Number (PAN) is AAA TP 4245L allotted by
      Dy.Commissioner of Income-Tax, Pune.


      For more information please contact 'Plant & Animals Welfare Society -
      PAWS' at, A-14, Savitri Sadan, Dr. Mukharji Road, Dombivli (East)421201,

      Phone Nos.: 9869376238 or 9820161114.
      -------------------------END OF NEWSLETTER-----------------------
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