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  • Amy Lionberger
    From: sailinfree@sbcglobal.net To: Undisclosed-Recipient:; Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:27 PM DONATIONS FOR MARMADUKE Please forward The Real-Life Story of
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      Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 5:27 PM

      Please forward
      The Real-Life Story of Marmaduke
      The dog who lived for 3 years in a remote area in a field behind Frishes with his "wife" a little black lab.
      Julie Johnson and her husband met my husband, Terry, half way between Fremont, Ohio and Washington, Pennsylvania on Tuesday Morning of this week. She had read the bittersweet story of Marmaduke, the Mastiff mix who had somehow survived in a field behind Frishes in Fremont, Ohio for three years.  Marmaduke had become a legend, of sorts. He had been spotted by many people.  He lived there, in the wild, with his "wife" a little black lab, who remains running at large with her latest two pups.
      It is very odd behavior for two dogs to stick together like this. Usually they mate and go their own ways.  But the little black lab and Marmaduke, an odd couple if I ever did see one, stuck out the sub zero winters and scortching summers, together, always.
      The dog warden recently trapped Marmaduke. He is only about three or four years old, so he must have been dumped as a puppy. He has severe heartworm and an enlarged heart. He is extrememly emaciated, and in very poor health.
      He was held there at the dog pound for several days. The dog pound is very full, and he was very close to being killed there. Lynne Stanley, of Fremont, OH, had been taking sacks of food out to these dogs for the past two years. Although she only saw these dogs from a distance in no time at all she fell in love with them. She was intrigued by how these two dogs stuck together, just like a husband and wife.She spoke to them on each visit, even though she didn't see them she felt their presence. If it wasn't for Lynne, these dogs would have perished months ago.
      So when Lynne heard that the warden trapped Marmaduky, she drove out to the dog pound and gave the warden $100 to put towards Marmaduke's medical care. He was transported to the vet's office by the pound where it was determined that he had severe heartworm and about every other kind of worm you can think of. He has little muscle mass, and was almost starved to death. He was then taken back to the pound because no one had room to kennel him.
      Maddie Lynch, the young lady who is currently taking photos and updating the Sandusky County Dog Pound Petfinder page, took great shots of this poor boy and sent them to me. I created an action alert page and sent it out to everyone on my list. Thanks to all who cross posted.
      Julie Johnson had received Marmaduke's email story from three sources. Julie then called me and we talked for some time. She said that every once in a while a dog comes along and you know - deep inside - when you look into the email photo of the dog that you were meant to help him. It was then that I knew that Marmaduke was no ordinary dog. And if ever a dog deserved to live, he does.
      Julie has named Marmaduke "KENYON" (Gaelic - means blonde or white-haired) . Julie's latest email is below. She will need help with medical expenses, that is for certain. She has taken him for an accessment at her vet's office.
      Please take the time to read Julie's email update below. It is very touching and will warm your heart. She has included a photo show link.
      Julie is an exceptional human being.  I completely trust whatever decisions she makes regarding KENYON, and will be eternally thankful that our paths have crossed. We plan to stay in touch, and I will be sending updates on KENYON.
      Donations can be sent to:
          "For the Love of Kenyon"
          PO Box 1512
          Washington, PA   15301
          (Please make checks payable to Julia Johnson)
      If you can't afford to help with a donation, please say a prayer for this very special boy and Julie as they begin the fight of his life, together.
      Julie and Lynne were truly sent to be this boy's guardian angel.
      And by the way, the little black lab is still running at large without her Marmaduke. There are also two couple month old puppies. We are hopeful they will be caught soon.
      Barbara McGrady
      Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc.
      www.spaohio. org
      P.O. Box 1047
      Fremont, Ohio  43420

      JULIE'S UPDATE on KENYON - Wednesday night
      I am just typing / babbling tonight...so just pick out the parts you're interested in.  I am just a LITTLE tired...so goes the rescue world...as you very well know.
      As promised, we got up about 4 times last night to potty.  Between eating so much, drinking lots and lots of water, and the worm meds, it was a given. 
      This morning he wanted NOTHING to do with food.  I attributed it to being full from yesterday and probably nauseated.  What he ate yesterday was the probable equivalent to what he MIGHT have eaten in a couple of weeks. 
      Last night I let him wander around the house with me.  He made it to the couch and sat with me a while.  He was bumming a few bites of sandwich and when he got kind of pushy, I said sit, wait...and he did!  He also accepted another order from me last night.  We found a long rawhide, new one, under the buffet in the living room.  When I gave it to him I held on to it, then I took it away and acted like I was taking a bite and then gave it back to him and repeated.  I do this to get the message to my dogs "what's yours is MINE too".  It works quite well.  Anyway, when I let go of it and went to get it again, I got the evil eye and a growl/snarl with a mouth full of bone.  No problem.  I just said YOU DON'T GROWL AT THE MAMA! Go get in your house!...and he did.  No issue.  He's been somebody's baby...
      We went to the vet today at Noon.  We got lucky because my vet had a cancellation.  They're great folks.  With all of our kids here, they see me quite a lot.  Odds are in that favor when you're living with 13 dogs & 2 cats...<grin>.  Anyway, as I knew, I got a few gasps, oh my Gods, and poor animal commentaries from patrons in the waiting room and then with the explanation, the looks of  "someone better call the police on this woman for animal abuse" ceased and simmered to "dear God,  how awful what this poor animal has endured".  I told my vet, Dr. Daugherty, his story and what we already knew of his health issues.  He weighed in today, twice because I couldn't believe it, at 84.9 lbs.  He must have had a foot off of the scale or something when he weighed in last week at the pound at 65 lbs.  This makes me think that this dog should be in the 135-150 lb range.  So, we did a full blood work-up, 2 chest x-rays, 1 abdomen x-ray and I have to take a urine sample back in tomorrow.  They did find one fat tick on him that I missed.  I haven't found a bug one on him since he's been with us.  No fleas either.  Basically clean ears, decent teeth & nails, hair is very brittle - no wonder, breath is okay, stools are softening on their way to diarrhea this evening but we put him on flagyl 2x day. 
      The chest x-rays showed an enormously enlarged heart...lungs, all considered, were in pretty good shape.  We are hoping that the enlarged spleen/liver issues are only due to the heartworm and that can be addressed in time.  The "mass" was not to be easily found today.  His abdomen is very, very full of fluid because he's already showing signs of congestive heart failure from the heartworms.  They are sending us to a specialist this week because as sick as Kenyon is, they are not as equipped to monitor as much at this practice as a specialist/hospital will be.  They will let them do an Ultrasound, and whatever other tests they deem necessary.   Dr. Daugherty did mention that because of his system's compromised state, that if and when we could start the heartworm treatment, one would be all that he could tolerate in the beginning instead of the usual 2 treatments.  She also mentioned that there is a surgical procedure used to remove many of the worms that are blocking the valves, etc. in cases like Kenyon's where there are so many heartworms and the patient is critically ill. They go in through the carotid artery in the neck and go down to the heart from there...and that's all I know about it so far. 
      His urine is dark deep bright orange/yellow- gold.  I was hoping it was the albon, but  no.  What it seems to be is Hemolytic Anemia.  Rather than try to explain it...here's a link:  http://www.cloudnet .com/~jdickson/
      It'll just give you an idea of what is going on inside his body.  We are imagining too that he has contracted every parasite known to canine kind.  The brown tick will bring about the hemolytic anemia as well as parasites, infection, stress, and wouldn't you know it, it was a FAT brown tick that was pulled off of him today and my main vet, Dr. Gardner, said he was living in a Heartworm/West Nile infested area and with the surroundings of the old factories and such, I am sure there were lots of places with standing, rancid, poisonous water.  It's just a miracle that these dogs have survived this long given all that they had to bear. 
      He did bark this morning.  Regular ol' "hey, who's out there making that loud dump truck brake scary noise Mom???"  Regular old shepherd-styled bark.  That was nice to hear.  I was afraid he was just flat unable to bark from being so sick  and weak.  It's not happened since, but at least I heard him. 
      This morning he hung out on the front porch and this afternoon, he spent a couple of hours on our huge kitchen porch.  Great views, lots of shade and ceiling fans blowing on him.  Pretty cushy set-up.  He ate a bit of canned food when we came back in from the vet and I gave him a piece of white bread and then the end of it soaked in skim milk.  Nothing was too appetizing to him.  Later I found an old ziploc bag of Avoderm/Canidae dog biscuits.  We're talking gourmet dog cookies folks...He decided that was a GREAT dinner item!  Fine & dandy with me.  Whatever he wants, he can have it.  We have to get him fattened up and stronger.  So, tomorrow I will get him a fresh supply of his newly decided FAVORITE dog cookies - which are good enough, healthy enough to be meals. 
      Tonight after Dan got home, he went outside as he does every evening with the dogs to play ball and scoop the yard.  I got Kenyon to go back out on the kitchen porch because it sits up overlooking the backyard and gave him a spot to watch everybody play.  Good mental stimulation and emotional too.  I try to pet and hug and kiss on him as much as possible and I am always talking to him telling him how much we love him and how happy we are that he is a part of our family now and how handsome he is and how important it is for us to take good care of him to get him as healthy as possible.  I believe he understands me...  He does worry me because there is that distant, flat look about him sometimes... as in a dying creature.  I am hoping against hope and praying constantly that we can get him through this, but me being a realistic, I have very strong doubts.  My concern is just keeping him happy and comfortable and knowing that he is wanted and loved and appreciated.  The rest is in God's hands....  We all will get through this as it is supposed to work out.  We may not like it or understand it, then again we may be rejoicing soon too, but there is only so much in our hands.  Prayer is an EXTREMELY powerful tool - please exercise this for Kenyon, please.
      Today's Vet Bill:
      Exam-Medical Problem:                             32.00
      X-ray Large                                                38.00
      Additional films                                           50.00
      Basic Wellness Screen (bloodwork)        108.00
      Flagyl 500 mg                                            18.00
      Total:  $246.00 so far
      He's still on his Albon and I will be giving him his third day of panacure tomorrow.  I will repeat the panacure round again next week sometime. 
      Thanks for listening and for your prayers and support.
      I will keep everyone updated as I have things to report.  I haven't gotten the appointment yet for the specialist.  I imagine Dr. Daugherty will call me in the morning since she had to make the appointment/ referral herself.
      I am including a link to the 2nd photo show of Kenyon & company.  I got lazy and didn't just pluck out a few, so you get to see 'em all - good, bad, fun, dumb, etc.  You will at least get some smiles for your trouble though...Enjoy!  (Oh, and the beasties got 4 new Jolly Balls today so that's why all the picks of them in the backyard...)
      Good night all!
      Julie, Dan, Kenyon & Crew

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